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Citation Appeal Process

Transportation & Parking Services (TPS) strives to provide fair and consistent enforcement of the campus parking policies and regulations to ensure an equitable parking system for all members of the university community. The appeal process provides an opportunity for customers to contest a parking violation believed to have been issued in error.

We understand that there may be parking infractions that require re-evaluation. If this is your first violation on campus, if you forget to display your valid campus parking permit or if you can provide proof of payment for an hourly parking violation, please contact the TPS Customer Care Center at 740-593-1917 or to determine if your violation may be eligible for void or reduction. For all other parking infractions please review the information below to determine if your violation meets appeal eligibility criteria.

Appeal FAQs

How long do I have to appeal my violation?

All citations must be filed within ten days of the date in which the violation was received.

Do I need to pay my violation prior to appeal?

Yes, all violations must be paid in full prior to appeal. Payments may be made online through the Parking Account Portal. In the event that a violation is reduced or waived through the appeal process the customer will receive equivalent reimbursement.

What information is required to submit a violation appeal?

When submitting an appeal you will need to provide your license plate number and the violation number which is located at the top of your physical violation. Customers will be provided the opportunity to share their explanation of why the violation should be considered for appeal. Customers are encouraged to provide any pertinent information or supporting documentation that may be useful to the appeal review process. 

Where can I submit my appeal?

Appeals are submitted through the Online Parking Portal. Violation appeals must be submitted electronically; in-person appeals are not conducted. Standard violation appeals undergo an internal review process; citations are evaluated in relation to established appeal criteria. Appeals for vehicle relocations/immobilization fees are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by an external review committee and require supporting documentation. All appeal decisions are final.

What violations are not considered for appeal?
  • Violations older than ten days.
  • Disregard of Ohio University parking policies and procedures to include failure to display a valid campus-parking permit or submit payment for hourly parking accommodations. Citations issued over Halloween weekend are not eligible for appeal. 
  • Disability parking violations (unless disability placard verification is provided), fire-lane violations, immobilization fees, or unauthorized permit use offenses.
What are the standard appeal judgments?
  • Reduced: amount of the fine is reduced. A reimbursement for the reduced amount will be provided.
  • Voided: appeal was granted, the fine has been waived. A reimbursement will be provided.
  • Denied: appeal has been upheld, violation stands as paid.