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Learning Goals


The OHIO Division of Student Affairs will create, measure and improve upon common student learning outcomes across departments.

Key Results

  • 2A: Conduct a learning goal audit to see what is already being done to meet our DOSA learning goals of the eight core competencies. This audit will determine which goals fit within the mission and scope of each department.
  • 2B: Compile departmental competencies and skills for all learning goals across the entire division. Identify divisional gaps in the delivery of the goals. In collaboration with this committee, each department will examine the effectiveness of the assessment tools used to measure learning goals. Communicate results with division.

Year One Updates Year Two Updates

Division Learning Goals

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Intercultural Competency icon
Interpersonal Communication icon
Problem Solving icon
Self-Awareness icon
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Well-Being icon

Next for 2021-2022

  • Professional Development review supporting assessment work, create Professional Development statement language
  • Continue Blackboard series with the intent to develop content further for DOSA and launch in 2022 with staff
  • Develop marketing/communications element to committee work (website resources, newsletter, etc.) 
  • Standing charge of ongoing work supporting DOSA assessment plans and running the Data Gala

Committee for Learning Goals


Caitlin Oiler, records management senior specialist, Community Standards and Student Responsibility

Wes Bonadio, director, Well-Being and Recreation


If you are interested in joining the committee, attending meetings, or viewing meeting minutes, please contact Valerie Denney at