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Year Two Updates

The Strategic Plan Breakthrough Objective Committees have each undertaken an important cross-sectional aspect of our Division of Student Affairs goals to create structure and offer direction to the 16 departments committed to achieving our mission.

DOSA Strategic Plan year two updates infographiC [PDF]


Equity and Social Justice Breakthrough Objective

  • Developed, distributed, analyzed and shared results of DOSA staff climate survey (160 respondents).
  • Selected and distributed 373 Diversity Awareness Profiles to help employees create ESJ personal goals.
  • 82% of DOSA position descriptions changed to include ESJ language.
  • 131 in-service opportunities offered for DOSA staff and communicated a new department-led tracking process to help DOSA employees fulfill ESJ in-service requirements.
  • Facilitated conference-style professional development experience for all bargaining-unit staff in January where staff selected from ESJ sessions related to poverty, addiction, Appalachia and International students.
  • Collected DOSA departmental ESJ goals and distributed more clear guidelines and expectations for annual departmental ESJ goals.
  • The following DOSA units set 2020 equity and social justice goals:

Learning Goals Breakthrough Objective

  • Welcomed, on boarded and engaged our second cohort of committee members.
  • Supported 16 DOSA departments in developing and presenting assessment plans, aligning with at least one of the Learning Goals.
    • Learning Goal focus for 2019-2020
      • Adaptability: DOS, CIC, Bobcat Depot, Culinary
      • Innovation: DOS
      • Intercultural Competency: HRL
      • Interpersonal Communication: DOS, HRL, Culinary
      • Problem Solving: DOS, CIC, CPS, CSSR
      • Self-Awareness: CSSR
      • Team Development: CIC, CES, CR
      • Well-Being: DOS, CIC, HRL, SFL, CR, CLDC, HP, CPS
  • Set date to host the Data Gala showcasing DOSA’s progress and results.
  • Facilitated a DOSA Wednesday Workshop on Assessment to department directors.

  • Asked DOSA to complete OULE Foundations level training to enhance DOSA’s knowledge and fluency of the eight Learning Goals.

Retention and Graduation Breakthrough Objective

  • Completed and distributed Sense of Belonging question bank.
  • Developed, implemented, and analyzed student employee sense of belonging survey to inform the creation of Student Employment Best Practice resource for the Division.
  • Created and completed well-being literature review.
  • Completed benchmarking on financial wellness and made recommendations.
  • Created and disseminated Basic Needs folder for campus community. Created resources on retention practices in Student Affairs.