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We provide mental health and adjustment services to students and consultation to faculty, administrators, and parents of students.

Making an Appointment: Students may call 740-593-1616 and schedule an initial appointment to initiate services at CPS for the first time, or clients seeking to return to services at CPS after a "break" in receiving services. Initial appointment will help students to decide what services may be best suited for their needs. For more information, please click on Make an Appointment.

Telehealth vs. in-person Services: CPS has been offering Telehealth for over a year and has been able to deliver all its services effectively via telehealth. As we are dealing with the effects of COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage all students to continue services via telehealth. Many students like the convenience of doing therapy from their own space, without the facemask and able to schedule appointments in advance. After the initial telehealth appointment, if clinically necessary, the provider and student may agree on limited In-person services. Those schedule for In-person services will have to agree and sign an Informed Consent for In-person services before attending a session. To learn more about Telehealth services, please click here

Unsure of what you need? Just want to talk to a counselor? CPS staff are available for consultation for new or returning clients at 740-593-1616 Monday-Friday from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. 

Crisis/Emergency Services: If a student is experiencing a crisis, they may speak with a counselor any time of day or night 24/7 by calling the CPS phone number: 740-593-1616. For more information, please click on crisis support.

Group Counseling: CPS offers a variety of different groups each semester including process groups, support groups, and skills-based groups. Group counseling empowers students to give and receive feedback and support while working through individual concerns in a safe and confidential environment. Group therapy consists of 5-10 members and group facilitators. Please click on Group Counseling for more information. 

Individual Counseling: CPS offers short-term individual counseling utilizing brief therapy models to students on issues such as coping with depression, anxiety, PTSD, body image issues, identity confusion and other stress-related issues, improving communication and problem-solving skills, building satisfying relationships, academic and social skills and adjusting to university life. Individual counseling is determined by the clinician after the initial appointment.

Couples/Relationship Counseling: Couples/Relationship Counseling will help partners address concerns that may cause conflict or difficulties in romantic relationships. Couples can refine their communication skills, learn how to manage conflict, feel more emotionally connected, and better understand their interactions as a result of counseling. Call 740-593-1616 to find out how to schedule a Couples Intake appointment.   

Psychiatric Consultation: Psychiatric services are provided to complement counseling and therapy at CPS. Psychiatric medication is most effective when combined with therapy. Medications are prescribed when symptoms of mental health or emotional illness are severe, persistent, and interfere with normal functioning. It is not required that the student receive medication to consult with the psychiatrist. 

Single Sessions: Some students want to meet with a professional counselor for a single conversation to discuss a concern and create an action plan and not interested in ongoing counseling services. Single sessions maybe easily available without a longer waiting period. Anyone, whether a past client or new to CPS, can request a single session when calling CPS seeking services. If a student is thinking of ongoing services, then Single Session should not be requested.

Coping ClinicThese workshops offer training and practice for coping and stress reduction skills that will serve you in many aspects of your life. It’s a resource to utilize between counseling sessions, on its own, or even while waiting to get connected to other CPS services.

Counselors-in-Residence (CR) program: The Counselor-in-Residence (CR) Program places professionally supervised mental health clinicians directly into residence halls to address the mental health concerns of residents and Residence Life staff. CR's provide Let's Talk hours to residents for mental health consultation and brief counseling, preventative & psycho-educational programming, follow-up services to residents and staff following crisis situations and consultation with Residential Life staff on mental-health issues

BASICS: Brief Alcohol Screening and Interventions for College Students (BASICS) is a two-session program providing a confidential, safe setting for students to openly explore their alcohol and other drug involvement. Brief assessment and personalized feedback are provided to promote risk reduction for participants in the program. Most students are referred to BASICS through the Ohio University Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility. For more information, please click on BASICS for Telehealth.

Consultation: CPS provides support and expertise to parents and family members, friends and roommates, administrators, faculty, and other people affected by someone who is having a problem, as well as provide education to the university community and the media. We consult on a wide variety of topics covering a large range of issues including emergency situations. Please call 740-593-1616 for consultation.

Wellbeing services on campus that CPS staff may routinely recommend students:

Wellbeing Coaching

Career/Leadership Coaching

Collegiate Recovery Program