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High School Media Workshop
July 26-29 2023

High School Media Workshop

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The $550 workshop fee includes food and lodging in University dining and residence halls, instruction and technical equipment, and all workshop programming and activities. 

Please contact Andie Walla for information about scholarships before Friday, April 14. 

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What to expect

The High School Media Workshop is a hands-on creative opportunity to explore your production passion. This overnight, on-campus experience will allow you to work with other high school students to create original work in the OHIO studio and lab spaces. The workshop includes overnight accommodations and dining on campus to immerse you in the Athens student environment. 

Choose from the following session topics:

  • Video production - story development, digital cinematography and post-production
  • Music production and technology
  • Animation
  • Audio for cinema

Schedule for 2023 Workshop

(Subject to change)

Wednesday, July 26 

OPTIONAL: Arrive early for a campus tour at 11 a.m., then grab lunch in Uptown Athens

1-3 p.m. - Check - In 

3 p.m. - Housing Orientation

4 p.m. - Team Building

5 p.m. - Dinner

7 p.m. - Session 1

10 p.m. - Return to Residence Halls 

Thursday, July 27

7:30 a.m. - Breakfast 

9 a.m. - Session 2 

12 p.m. - Lunch 

2 p.m. - Session 3 

5 p.m. - Dinner 

7 p.m. - Session 4

10 p.m. - Return to Residence Halls 

Friday, July 28

7:30 a.m. - Breakfast 

9 a.m. - Session 5 

12 p.m. - Lunch 

2 p.m. - Session 6

5 p.m. - Dinner 

7 p.m. - Session 7

10 p.m. - Return to Residence Halls 

Saturday, July 29 

7:30 a.m. - Breakfast

9 a.m. - Session 8 

12 p.m. - Lunch and Premiere of projects

2 - 4 p.m. - Check out of Residence Halls 

Read about past workshops

2022 workshop

2021 workshop

"The High School Media Workshop meant a lot to me and was definitely a huge part of my final decision to attend Ohio University. I already wanted to attend OU before the program, but the week on campus over the summer really drove it home that this was the right choice. The program introduced me to some awesome people (some of which I’ve been friends with since the program ended) and amazing opportunities that the Media School offers, like the OHIO-in-LA program, which I’m currently participating in."  -Cade Evans, senior integrated media major (attended workshop as a high school student)

"The High School Media Workshop really showed me what the major was going to actually be like. It also helped me to meet some of the faculty that I would end up having as professors. I was pretty sure I wanted to go to OU before the workshop but it was really just the icing on the cake that really solidified my choice!" -Grace Fowler, senior integrated media major (attended workshop as a high school student)

"The workshop really cemented the idea of a hands-on production education with the School of Media Arts & Studies. I made friendships and connections that led me to choose Ohio University and the Scripps College of Communication as the obvious choice for my career in creative video!" -Andrew Pohlod, senior integrated media major (attended workshop as a high school student in 2017)

"The workshop was really helpful, I liked how varied the projects were. Was fascinating to have so much hands on creative experience while still in high school, it definitely led me to pursue more creative endeavors in my future." -Gabriel Antonuccio, junior integrated media major (attended the workshop in 2017)

Scenes from the 2022 workshop:

Students stand around a sound board
Three musicians play instruments in a recording studio
Students and an instructor look into the viewfinder of a video camera
Students stand in a classroom observing a scene being recorded on a video camera