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Transfer Process for Current OHIO Students

MDIA Transfer Application
MDIA Transfer Policy [PDF] (123.1 KB)
Application for Re-enrollment for former Ohio University students [PDF]

The School of Media Arts & Studies is dedicated to quality instruction. Providing this quality in the school's curriculum depends in part on maintaining enrollment at a number that may be served effectively by the School's faculty. This policy on transfer students is one means through which the school is seeking to maintain this academic quality by limiting the ever-increasing number of students who wish to enter the program. This is very important as many of our production related courses are offered in a sequential manner and this can make it difficult for those seeking a production major to get through the program in a timely manner.

Virtual Transfer Information Sessions will be held during the fall 2020 via Zoom:

  • September 8th 5-6pm
  • September 22nd 5-6pm
  • The October 6th workshop is canceled.  Please reach out to Associate Director, Brian Plow for assistance if needed (plow@ohio.edu)

Link to the Zoom session for any of these dates. The password is "mdia". No RSVP is needed.


Apply Today

Please note that this policy applies only to internal transfers, or transfers from within Ohio University. Students wishing to transfer from other colleges and universities should contact admissions directly.

  1. Approximately 40 to 60 students are accepted annually as transfer students into the School of Media Arts & Studies on a space-available basis only. Applications for transfer will be considered in the fall and spring semesters for admission to the following semester only.
  2. To be considered for transfer, students should have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher in their college work. In special cases the committee will review applications from students with GPA’s as low as 2.5.Please note that the GPA qualifies a student only for consideration. It is not in any way a guarantee of admission.
  3. Students may apply as early as their freshman year. First semester freshman applicants will be admitted provisionally. Full admission will be based on their performance in their first semester of course work.
  4. Application deadline is 5 pm, on Friday of the 7th week of the semester. You will receive official notification of the outcome of your application by email typically by the end of the semester.
  • Please note that the 7th Friday of the semester for fall 2020 is October 9th.
  1. Students admitted are considered provisional admits until their current semester grades are submitted. Final admission is granted once the student completes the currently enrolled semester with a cumulative grade point average equal to or higher than the one at which the student was accepted provisionally. Those students who will have allowed their grade point average to drop below the minimum will need to re-apply for transfer in the following semester.
  2. To apply for transfer Students should include the following with the application:
  • A recent DARS report
  • Contact information for two references (from professors, High School teachers, guidance counselors or supervisors from a job)
  • A one-page statement of your career goals and how the MDIA school will help you achieve those goals
  1. Students denied admission may apply during the next semester. Students' applications will NOT be carried over to the next term. Reapplication is necessary.
  2. Any application that is incomplete will NOT be considered. It’s the responsibility of the applicant to make sure that the transfer packet is complete.
  3. The application must be digitally signed and dated.
  4. Any application received after the deadline will not be considered.
  5. Transfer applications will not be considered during the summer term.
  6. Transfer applications, including all materials, must be submitted in full online (see above).

Note: This policy applies only to internal transfers, or transfers from within Ohio University. Students wishing to transfer from other colleges and universities should contact admissions directly.