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Eric R. Williams

eric williams
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Area of Expertise

  • New Media Storytelling
  • Cinematic Virtual Reality (Cine-VR)


  • Northwestern University; BSC
  • Columbia University; MFA

Eric Williams writes, produces and directs both fiction and non-fiction projects.


Eric played a key role in two large VR projects that use new storytelling techniques for social projects:

Eric works with OHIO students to craft cine-VR shorts that have screened around the world: 

International Festivals

  • Beeston Underground FilmFest
  • Buchheim Museum Exhibit
  • Cameroon Underground FilmFest
  • Munich Outdoor MiniFest
  • Museum Lichtspiele Kino
  • Saigon Underground FilmFest

Domestic Festivals

  • Birmingham Underground FilmFest
  • ICAN/HANNA International Media Festival 
  • Los Angeles Lift Off Film Festival
  • New York Nil Gallery International Media Festival
  • Real World XR Festival 
  • Seattle Transmedia Film Festival
  • Short Sweet Film Fest
  • The Film Collective

His work using 360-degree cameras to capture real world emergency room traumas has been featured nationally in venues such as the Huffington Post.

Film & Television


Eric’s background in traditional media informs his work in emerging technologies:

You can view some of professor Williams’ work (as well as the work of his students) on his vimeo page.[Password: EWCV]


Eric worked professionally as a screenwriter for more than fifteen years. During that time, his screenplay Crystal Messiah was performed on Broadway after winning the WGA award for "Best New Feature Script". Additionally, he:

  • Wrote a Columbo murder mystery for Universal Studios;
  • Co-wrote the comedy rap script Legendary with director Alfredo DeVilla (Nothing Like the Holidays);
  • Adapted Bill Littlefield's novel The Prospect and Louis Urrea’s anthology Across the Wire into feature screenplays for Workshop Productions.
  • Co-wrote the web-series SubterraNYa with Stephen Lancellotti (Digger 3D) for Fox Online.
  • His screenplay Crystal Messiah performed on Broadway after winning the WGA award for "Best New Script".
  • Optioned his original script I.Vermeer to Grateful Films.
  • Developed the original screenplay Under Fire with Carl Craig (American Soul, Hollywood Shuffle) and Patrick Muhlberger (Trailerpark, Wonderquest).
  • Adapted the anthology Voices From the Heartland into a television series. Three of the scripts received the Ohio Arts Council's award for Individual Excellence in Screenwriting.



  • Distinguished Mentor Award (Honors Tutorial College) 
  • Innovation Strategy Award (Ohio University)
  • Presidential Teaching Award: Finalist (Ohio University)
  • Teaching Leadership Award (Scripps College of Communication)
  • University Professor Award: Excellence in Teaching (Ohio University)


  • Best use of Sound & Music in XR - Semi-finalist (Real World XR Festival) 
  • Best Virtual Reality Award - First Place (New York Nil Gallery International Media Festival)
  • Outstanding Virtual Reality Film - First Place (Short Sweet Film Festival)
  • Emmy Award - Interactive Media; Regional (National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences) 
  • Best Editing, Documentary – First Place (Lake Havasu International Film Festival)


  • Best New Work – Feature Screenplay (Writers Guild of America) 
  • Individual Excellence in Screenwriting (Ohio Arts Council)
  • Semi-finalist – Screenwriters' Lab (Sundance Film Festival)
  • Finalist/Participant – Producers’ Lab (Film Independent)

Books and Media

In order to share his research and experience, Eric works as a writer, editor and host on a variety of book and media projects:


  • Virtual Reality Cinema: Tips and Techniques - 2021
  • The Power of Virtual Reality Cinema for Healthcare Training - 2021
  • Screen Adaptation: Beyond the Basics - 2017
  • The Screenwriters Taxonomy - 2017
  • Media and the Creative Process - 2014

Media Series

  • The Future of Entertainment (Wondrium) – coming in 2022
  • TV's New Golden Age (Audible) - 2021
  • How to Appreciate Great Movies (Audible) - 2020
  • Falling in Love with Romance Films (Audible) - 2019
  • How to View and Appreciate Great Movies (Wondrium) – 2018


You can find more details about Eric and his work here.