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Eric R. Williams

Professor Eric Williams
Professor & Director of MFA in Communication Media Arts
Schoonover 365

Area of Expertise

  • Screenwriting/Producing
  • Immersive Media (VR & AR)
  • Video/Film Production
  • International Projects


  • Northwestern University; BSC
  • Columbia University; MFA

Eric Williams writes, produces and directs both fiction and non-fiction projects. He works in traditional media as well as Virtual Reality 360-degree storytelling.

Some of his favorite projects include:

Virtual Reality

His work using Virtual Reality to capture real world emergency room traumas has been featured nationally in venues such as the Huffington Post.

His premier 360-degree Virtual Reality short film: Re: Disappearing was show in film festivals around the world, including:

  • Beeston Underground FilmFest – England
  • Buchheim Museum Exhibit – Germany
  • Saigon Film Festival – Vietnam
  • Seattle Transmedia Film Festival – USA


Adapting the anthology Voices from the Heartland into television series, (and winning the Ohio Arts Council award for “Individual Excellence in Screenwriting”);

Writing a Columbo murder mystery for Universal Studios;

Co-writing the comedy rap script Legendary with director Alfredo DeVilla (Nothing Like the Holidays);

Adapting Bill Littlefield's novel The Prospect.

Adapting Louis Urrea’s anthology Across the Wire.

Co-writing the web-series thriller SubterraNYa with Stephen Lancellotti (Digger 3D) for Fox Online.

His screenplay Crystal Messiah performed on Broadway after winning the WGA award for "Best New Script".


Producing bleeding-edge VR videos in a variety of intense medical situations in collaboration with OhioHealth in Columbus, and The Better Lab in San Francisco.

Directing his first 360-degree Virtual Reality film: Re: Disappearing and having it screen internationally that same year.

Co-producing and co-directing Guyana's first documentary television series, Guyana Pepperpot; exploring topics such as domestic violence, homelessness and teenage sexual behavior.

Creating and co-producing the reality show pilot Don’t Try This at Home for American Movie Classics (AMC);

Producing and directing the documentary, Breaking News: The Collision of Consumerism and Journalism in a Democracy; comparing capitalistic influences in the US and Ukraine;

Co-writing and co-directing the Emmy-Award-winning educational series What's the Problem?;

Producing and directing a twenty-episode video podcast series documenting the work of the Tropical Disease Institute in remote regions of Ecuador (Spanish and English versions);

You can view some of professor Williams’ work (as well as the work of his students) on his vimeo page.[Password: EWCV]

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Books and Media by Eric R. Williams

Professor Williams produced a six-hour series about creativity as a companion guide to his Media and the Creative Process book. Watch episodes here (password: MDIA1020).

Topics Include: