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Philip Campbell

Professor Philip Campbell
Associate Professor Emeritus
Schoonover Center 364

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Information and Telecom Systems
  • Voice over Internet Protocol
  • Telecommunication Network Security
  • Encrypted Communication


  • MS, Astronomy, SUNY – Stony Brook
  • MS, Physics, Louisiana State University
  • BS, Astronomy, University of Michigan

Teaching Experience

  • Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies,
  • Associate Professor & Assistant Professor, McClure School of Emerging Communication Technologies
  • Visiting Professor, Morehouse College
  • Assistant Professor, Physics, Valparaiso University

Industry Experience

  • Product Development Manager, Cintech Tele-Management Systems Inc
  • Director of TRU System Development, Director of R & D (Cost Allocation Software), Director of R & D (Network Design), Systems Analyst, Telco Research Corporation
  • Product Manager, Product Coordinator, Programmer and Technical Support Manager, Redding Group Inc.

Research Interests

  • Online education
  • Reliability of telecom systems
  • VoIP


A. Snow, K. Chatanyam, G. Weckman, and P. Campbell, “Power Related Network Outages: Impact, Triggering Events, And Root Causes,” 2006 IEEE/IFIP Network Operations & Management Symposium, Vancouver Canada, April 2006.

H. Kruse, and P. Campbell, “An Experimental Investigation of the Interaction Between Voice-Over-IP and Rate-Adaptive (TCP) Traffic.” 9th International Conference on Telecommunication Systems, Modeling and Analysis, Dallas, TX, March 2001.

P. Campbell, “Groupware — Messaging and Cooperation,” in Knowledge Management Strategy and Technology, R. Bellaver and J. Lusa, Eds. Norwood, MA: Artech House, 2001, pp. 41–58.


  • Phi Kappa Phi
  • Sigma Xi
  • 2012 ITERA Innovative Course of the Year: ITS 453, Encrypted Communication