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Filming and Photography in the Libraries

All filmmakers and photographers other than the University Photographer are required to sign our release form and get permission from a staff member in the Libraries before any shooting takes place. Once permission is received, filmmakers and photographers must carry a signed copy of the form while shooting in the Libraries. Library staff who observe people filming or photographing in the building should ask to see a copy of the form.

In agreeing to the terms of the release, the University Libraries and the Filmmaker/Photographer affirm the following:

  • We support the notion that privacy is essential to the exercise of free speech, free thought, and free association. In a library, the right to privacy is the right to open inquiry without having the subject of one’s interest examined or scrutinized by others.
  • We support the development and presentation of exhibits, displays, performances, lectures and recordings (video and audio) that enhance the academic experience, contribute to a trusted and welcoming library environment, stimulate creativity and curiosity, and enrich the intellectual and cultural life of the University’s community.
  • We do not support works which are purely defamatory, willfully false, obscene, blasphemous, inciting to hatred, or purposefully discriminatory.

To film or photograph in Alden Library, The Hwa-Wei Lee Library Annex, or the Music and Dance Library, visit the library desk to obtain a release form.