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Beginning October 22, Alden Library is participating in 2018's Open Access Week, an international

celebration by a community of researchers dedicated to providing open access resources. Open access describes educational materials that are freely accessible and easily discoverable online.

Please join us at any of these events, they are free and open to the public.  We do encourage registering for the workshops, although it is no required.

Affordable Textbooks: Removing Barriers to Learning
Tue., Oct. 23, 2018
2:00-3:30 PM.
Alden Library, 1951 Lounge

An open conversation in a safe environment centered around the financial impact of expensive textbooks on students.  Join OHIO faculty and administrators in a discussion about the cost of course materials and efforts at reducing these at Ohio University.


Negotiating Your Copyright 
Wed., Oct. 24, 2018
3:00-4:00 PM
Alden Library, Room 251

Copyright decisions regarding your own scholarship are ultimately your choice and there are many factors to consider. In this workshop, we’ll discuss some of the language you’re likely to see in a publisher's agreement, how it aligns with your goals, and offer strategies to negotiate the agreement to better fit your needs. Participants are encouraged to bring a publication agreement with them to analyze, but it is not required.  This workshop will be led by Assistant Dean for Research and Education Services Kelly BroughtonRegister to ensure your seat.

Finding and Using Open Data 
Thurs., Oct. 25, 2018
10:00-11:00 AM
Alden Library, Room 251

More and more research data is now available online for re-use and replication. But finding and using open data presents a number of challenges, especially if you are new to the process. Join Subject Librarian for Health Sciences Hanna Schmillen for an introductory workshop that will leave you ready to locate and deploy open data for your own research projects.  Register to ensure your seat.

Introduction to Open Educational Resources 
Fri., Oct. 26, 2018
2:00-3:00 PM
Alden Library, Room 251

Open Educational Resources (OER) have the potential to reduce overall course costs for students by reducing the number of courses where they must purchase individual copies of proprietary textbooks. In this introductory workshop, subject librarians Araba Dawson-Andoh and John Canter will provide an introduction to the selection and use of OER to help you consider these concerns for your own teaching.  Register to ensure your seat.


What is Scholarly Communication? 

Scholarly communication is the process by which scholars create, evaluate, and share the results of their research and creative work. In recent years, traditional forms of scholarly communication have become less economically sustainable as access restrictions and the high price of journals present barriers to maintaining an open and cost-effective system. Today, with common acceptance of digital publishing, scholarly communication concerns have broadened beyond journal costs to include issues affecting content creation and dissemination. These pages cover a number of the issues involved as well as projects by Ohio University Libraries.