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A Visual Pandemic Diary, Fall 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the Ohio University college experience. My name is Stephen Hayford, a first-year graduate student in Visual Communication Management working as a graduate assistant in University Libraries—and this is my story in video.  

I am currently attending classes remotely from Cape Coral, Florida. Many of my fellow classmates,  scattered around the state of Ohio and other parts of the country, as well as a few international students, are also attending classes remotely.

While working remotely from home has its advantages, like zero commute time and no need to wear shoes, there are also multiple disadvantages.

Communicating through video platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, can be awkward with microphone glitches, delays hindering communication with instructors, and confusing controls—isolation and screen exhaustion can also take a toll on everyday learning. However, my instructors and fellow students have been working well together to get through this most deadly of times, while at the same time, looking with hope to the future.

I hope you’ll watch this video to see how I personally made it through fall semester 2020.