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New Tools to Streamline Journal Access: BrowZine & LibKey

Chris Guder
August 17, 2022

Have you ever wished you could access all your favorite journals in one place, in the same way that you access your subscription streaming media content? Thanks to Ohio University Libraries, you can now download BrowZine to your device and use the app, or go to using the browser on your computer or laptop to connect directly to library purchased content using your Ohio University log in. 

BrowZine logo showing an open journal with colorful abstract swirls above
Browzine will let you access and search journals all in one place

BrowZine allows you to create virtual shelves stocked with your favorite journals. You can save or mark articles to read later, eliminating the need to save browser bookmarks or catalog records of your favorite titles. BrowZine will even tell you how many articles have been published since the last time you viewed a particular journal and provide you easy access to the newest table of contents.

 LibKey Nomad logo that appears during an internet search. Green and white flame with the words access options ohio university
LibKey Nomad will tell you where or how to get the full-text of the article.

BrowZine, as well as the browser extension LibKey Nomad, are being provided in an attempt to address feedback from students, faculty, and staff about having to use multiple logins and access points to obtain full text of library purchased content. LibKey Nomad, once downloaded to your computer or laptop, will take you from an internet search for articles directly to the library-supplied full text, if available, or offer you an Interlibrary Loan request form so that the Libraries may obtain the article for you. Check out this library FAQ for more information about installing and using LibKey Nomad.

If you have trouble downloading either BrowZine or LibKey, reach out to Chris Guder or your subject librarian for assistance.

Happy reading!


A brief introduction to the BrowZine app