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Increase your scholarly impact and visibility by creating a free ORCiD

September 8, 2022

OHIO Libraries are committed to uplifting the research profile of our community through our membership to Open Researcher & Contributor ID (ORCiD). Creating your ORCiD is a great way to promote your scholarship and enhance your professional identity.  

Journals, funders, repositories, and even institutions are increasingly using and even requiring ORCiDs. Over 7,000 journals, including PLOS and Nature, are using ORCID to make article submissions easier for researchers. Funding organizations, like the National Institutes of Health, are asking grant applicants to link to their funding history and ORCID is an easy way to meet these criteria as it is a persistent, unique identifier of you and your work. 

You can link your ORCiD to journal articles, grant submissions, books, data sets, data management plans, artistic works and performances, images, patents, and much more.

Creating your ORCiD is a free and easy way to digitally consolidate all your employment, education, research, and grant funding into a single, persistent, digital location. Think of your ORCiD account as a digital resume or CV. Having a free ORCiD distinguishes your name and your work from other researchers and allows you to connect your work in a way that you have complete control over. 

ORCiD also allows you to enter all the variations of your name. ORCiD allows you to add all your names, over your entire career, to your profile to ensure that all your scholarship is included.

Visit the Libraries’ ORCID iD @Ohio University guide for more information on how to create an ORCiD, how to use it, and FAQs.

Benefits for Faculty

  • Quick, easy, and fast way to track your output
  • Enhance and increase your research visibility
  • Add all your certifications and education
  • You have control on what information is public and what is private 
  • Your affiliations (past and present) will be correctly identified 
  • Get your scholarly and creative works accurately assigned to you
  • Connect your ORCID record to a growing number of funders and publishers

Benefits for Students

Everything listed above plus:

  • Add your ORCID iD to your thesis or dissertation  
  • Your ORCID iD will follow you throughout your entire career
  • You control your record and what is included with three levels of privacy
  • Share your record with future universities and employers