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Graduate Research Series to Be Held Online

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Graphic design by Herbert Frimpong/Ohio University Libraries

The Graduate Research Series (GRS), which is held each semester, provides an opportunity for graduate students to share their research process for their thesis or dissertation, in order to help illuminate these processes for other students. For spring semester 2020, the GRS will take place on April 14 and April 15 from 10-11:30 a.m. each day via Microsoft Teams so that this resource will remain available despite the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The two students who will be presenting for the spring semester’s Graduate Research Series are Jeffrey McCambridge, a doctoral student in literary history, and Mahbub Bhuyan, a master’s student in sociology. Join McCambridge’s presentation on Microsoft Teams here and join Mahbub Bhuyan’s presentation here

The speaker series is supported by the University Libraries, Graduate Student Senate and Faculty Senate and is traditionally held in Alden Library. The presenters are selected by the GRS committee, which is comprised of representatives from the Libraries and the Graduate Student Senate.  

On Tues., April 14 from 10-11:30 a.m. on Microsoft Teams, McCambridge will give his presentation, titled, “These Hethen Houndes We Shal A-tame,” which is about a series of projects he has worked on dealing with the Western representations of Islam and Muslims in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. As a literary scholar, most of the information McCambridge collects on the subject is textual, so getting help from museum curators and librarians from around the world is incredibly important to his research. 

His presentation for the Graduate Research Series will go through the process of accessing and collating manuscript images in order to create bodies of texts to support his larger research, which seeks to answer the question, “Why do Muslims appear so frequently in the literature, art and artifacts of medieval and Renaissance Europe?” Tune into McCambridge’s GRS presentation here

Bhuyan’s presentation, titled “Threads of Protest and Resistance,” will take place on Wed., April 14 from 10-11:30 a.m., and will focus on how he collected data and relevant literature from many different sources in order to perform content analysis for his research, which focuses on women’s rights, and legal and social protections in Bangladesh. 

In his work, Bhuyan hopes to answer the question, “How have calls for legal measure, protests and movements at local, national and international levels contributed to the changes in laws enacted to address gendered oppression?” To do so, he went through hundreds of online materials from the Libraries’ portals, borrowed more than a dozen books from the OHIO Libraries and talked to several librarians for his research. Tune into Bhuyan’s GRS presentation here.

Both presentations are free and available on Microsoft Teams for the public. For more information, contact Jen Harvey