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Be dazzled with the Gathering Spotlight, 2023 highlighting the Frank Buhla Collection

Mimi Calhoun
December 8, 2023

Ohio University Libraries is happy to announce its newest release of the annual online magazine, “Gatherings Spotlight,” for 2023. This issue will focus on Frank Buhla, a miner, boxer, bartender, magician and collector with unique life experience rooted in Athens County. The Frank Buhla Collection also provides photos and evidence of coal mining and early industries in Southeast Ohio.

Born in 1907 in Athens, Ohio, Buhla spent most of his life in Glouster where he worked as a miner following in his father’s footsteps. After spending time up North, he returned to Glouster to open a boxing gym and became a bartender in the 1930s. Eventually, he began a successful career as a magician and performed for many public schools across Ohio in the 1960s and early 1970s.

For more information about the Frank Buhla Collection, contact Greta Suiter, manuscripts archivist.