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Alden Library’s Sixth Floor is Getting Reimagined

Mimi Calhoun
May 28, 2024

Ohio University Libraries’ Alden Library will be going through changes to accompany a new multifaceted space and will be reimagined with new potential workspaces and study spots on its sixth floor. Oftentimes when students come to Alden Library, they become dedicated to their study area and its floor, some frequently coming in multiple times a week or day.

Mateo Perez, a junior studying communications and data analytics, mentioned how peaceful the sixth floor is compared to other spots in Alden.

“It's quiet,” Perez said. “Up here, I never get disturbed and never have any issues or anything, and I can lock in to get my work done.”

However, Perez also mentioned how the limited seating options on the sixth floor cause finding a place to study a game of chance.

"Sometimes if I don't come up here soon enough in a day, most of the tables are already taken out, and I either have to go back home or find somewhere else to study,” Perez said.

Check out the attached video and listen to a few students talking about their sixth floor study needs in Alden Library.