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Sick Trays & Sack Meals

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Ohio University Culinary Services is committed to supporting the educational mission and residential concept of our institution; our team offers two programs designed for those who may be unable to stop by a Dining Court due to illness or class conflict.

Sick Trays

If you are too ill to come to a Dining Court, have a friend or roommate bring your OHIO ID and ask to see a manager for a sick tray. This will provide a to-go container and a beverage cup. An additional beverage cup may be requested for soup. This program also applies to those with injuries that limit mobility. 

Sack Meals

If you are unable to eat in a Dining Court due to a class conflict or a University function, notify a Dining Court manager 24 hours in advance to arrange for a sack meal. You must present your OHIO ID card to receive the meal. Sack meals contain two sandwiches (lunch meat, cheese, or peanut butter and jelly for lunch; premium meats and/or cheese for dinner), fresh vegetables, fruit, potato chips, condiments and a dessert. A beverage can be included upon request. To avoid foodborne illness, the meal should be picked up shortly before you plan to eat it unless refrigeration is available.

To set up a sack meal pick up from The District, call 740-597-5904.  To set up a sack meal pick up from Nelson Court, call 740-597-1111.

Please remember, OHIO Culinary Services is here to help you. If you have any questions contact us at 740-593-2970 or send an email to dining@ohio.edu.