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Bobcats Who Care Training Request

Please make your request at least 3 weeks in advance of your desired training time, and please know we may need to schedule for a later date depending on trainer availability. The training is completed in groups of 20 to 25 participants and requires a three-hour commitment. If your group is fewer than 20 participants, your group may be combined with other small groups who have requested training.

Currently, the training is offered as a three-hour in-person training, or in a hybrid format. In the hybrid format, participants first complete several modules independently on BlackBoard, an online learning platform, to learn facts about suicide, warning signs for suicide, skills for communicating with those in crisis, and referral options on campus and in the community. This portion of the training is approximately 1.5 hours. Next, participants join a 1.5-hour live session, during which they will engage in exercises that will put into practice the skills learned in the BlackBoard training. The live session can be completed virtually via Microsoft Teams, or in person.

Once we receive your request, we will contact you to finalize the date and time of the training, the roster of participants (including name and email), and the format you prefer (i.e., in-person for three hours, hybrid with a virtual live session, or hybrid with an in-person live session). If a format requiring in-person contact is requested, the Bobcat Who Cares Coordinator will reserve a location on campus for the training to take place. If a hybrid format is selected, it is important that those who request this training AND the participants are aware that the BlackBoard segment of this training must be completed prior to the live session. Once all details are solidified, The Bobcats Who Care Coordinator will send an Outlook Calendar invitation to all participants with the detail of their upcoming training.

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