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Video Resources

Climate Change and Variability in Semi-Arid Central Tanzania:
Farmer Researches, Adaptations, and Coping Strategies to Railfall Variability - Dr. Pantaleo Munishi

Audio Resources

Green Revolution in East Africa - A radio interview with Thomas A. Smucker (26mb mp3, direct link)

Development Organizations

Students graduating with a degree in International Development Studies have a wide range of career paths open to them. Graduates often pursue careers in the non-governmental/non-profit sector, with an international development organization, or a government agency. Depending upon a student's interests and long-term goals it may be useful to take courses that complement the IDS program Requirements such as fundraising, non-profit management, project management, budgeting, marketing, finance, etc. In addition to choosing relevant courses, students should take advantage of internship opportunities to network and make connections.

Many times who you know is just as important as what you know. Students should be advised that the process of finding a job can take months from when a cover letter and resume are submitted to when a final job offer is made. It is recommended that a student begin sending out his or her cover letter and resume three months before graduation. Cover letters and resumes sent via email are often acceptable for most employers. However, documents printed on cotton resume paper, signed, and sent by mail often show a higher level of interest on the part of the applicant. Below is a selection of links for students interested in beginning the job hunt. This is by no means an exhaustive list and is only intended to get students thinking about possible post-graduation career opportunities.

General Sites is an useful website for those interested in pursuing a career in the non-profit/non-governmental sector. The site has thousands of job, internship, and volunteer listings that are updated daily. It is possible to search by location (country, state, city), area of focus, and job category. It contains information such as job qualifications, application deadlines, salary, language Requirements, and contact information. It is worth visiting this site well before the job hunt begins to get an idea of the type of positions out there and what the requirements are. is another non-profit/non-governmental database website. It primarily contains job listings in the United States, though there is an option to search for organizations that have an international focus and/or are located in other countries. There some job postings on this website that are not posted on

Private Development Companies

While most development organizations are in non-profit sector there are a few for-profit development companies based in the United States. Often times, these companies provide consulting and project management services for local, regional, or national governments in developing countries. Chemonics International, Inc. and Development Alternatives, Inc. offer entry level positions designed for recent graduates.

United States Government Agencies

It must be noted that almost all jobs with the US government require American citizenship or, at least, permanent residency status.

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
USAID has a New Entry Professional position designed for recent graduates with limited experience in the field. Relocation to Washington DC is required for training before assignment.

International Organizations

Non-Profit/Non-Governmental Organizations

This list is small in comparison to the thousands of non-profit and non-governmental organizations that exist. Please use it as a starting point in the job search.