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International Development and the Environment

Environmental problems and degradation pose a growing threat to the well-being of people throughout the world. Workable solutions must focus on how humans and their social and economic interests interact with the resources of the natural environment. The Environmental concentration is designed to provide students with an understanding of how people perceive and utilize the environment and how various processes involving the relationship between human beings and their surroundings either damage or protect the environment. This program challenges and prepares professionals to take action in response to environmental issues facing developing countries.

  • ANTH 5780 Human Ecology
  • BIOS 5810 Conservation Biology
  • ECON 5130 Economics and the Environment
  • ECON 5140 Natural Resource Economics
  • ES 6800 Seminar in Community-Based Environmental Studies
  • ES 6810 Seminar in Environment and Society
  • ES 6820 Ecology and Environmental Issues
  • ES 6830 Concepts in Environmental Sustainability
  • GEOG 5170 Landscape Ecology
  • GEOG 5210 Population Geography
  • GEOG 5440 Agricultural Ecosystems
  • GEOG 5450 Gender, Environment, and Development
  • GEOG 5460 Environmental Law
  • GEOG 5470 Natural Resource Management
  • GEOG 5530 Environmental Planning and Assessment
  • GEOG 5580 Environmental Hazards
  • HLTH 6770 Environmental Health Sciences in Public Health
  • PBIO 5220 Tropical Plant Ecology
  • POLS 5260 Politics of Contemporary Environmental Movement
  • POLS 5550 International Law
  • POLS 5560 International Organization
  • POLS 5880 Environment and Public Policy Dispute Resolution
  • SOC 5810 Environmental Sociology

International Development and Gender

Gender equality and empowerment of women is a third millennium development goal and a primary component of poverty reduction and improved social welfare and well-being. Research shows that gender inequality continues to be a major impediment to economic development while women's empowerment and access to resources are directly linked to community and family well-being with immense payoffs for all members of society. The gender concentration provides an opportunity to examine development issues through a gender lens from a variety of theoretical, regional, and disciplinary perspectives. There is also opportunity to work with the women's studies program and to gain a women's studies certificate. A mix of topics and approaches prepares students to understand gender and development and to develop professional skills to work in this field.

  • ANTHRO 5450 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspectives
  • ANTHRO 5490 Life History: The Individual and Culture
  • CLWR 5450 Women in Buddhist Traditions
  • COMS 6230 Gender and Communication
  • GEOG 5270 Social Geographies
  • GEOG 5450 Gender, Environment, and Development
  • GEOG 6430 Seminar in Development: Gender and Development
  • POLS 5076 Women and Politics
  • POLS 5780 Feminist Political Theories and Movement
  • SOC 5700 Sociology of Gender
  • SOC 5710 Gender and Justice
  • WGS 5110 Women and Globalization
  • WGS 5600 Gender, Sexuality, and Culture

International Development and Health

Health is a basic human right that resides within the context of human and social development, as expressed in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Reflecting the wider social, economic, and political influences, health must be approached in an integrated manner. The concentration in International Development and Health explores global health problems that affect developing countries. It provides students with an understanding of the field of health and international development while considering the important contribution that a healthy population makes to its social and economic development process.

  • ANTHRO 5550 Medical Anthropology
  • BIOS 5440 Tropical Disease Biology
  • ECON 5150 Economics of Health Care
  • INST 6900 Special Topics in International Studies: HLI*
  • HLTH 5120 International Health Programming
  • HLTH 6150 Maternal and Child Health in Africa
  • HLTH 6170 HIV/AIDS in Africa
  • HLTH 6240 Community Health Programs
  • HLTH 6710 Public Health Concepts
  • HLTH 6720 Social & Behavioral Sciences in Public Health
  • HLTH 6730 Epidemiology in Public Health
  • HLTH 6740 Biostatistics in Public Health
  • HLTH 6750 Health Services Administration in Public Health
  • HLTH 6760 Environmental Health Sciences in Public Health
  • HLTH 6770 Grant and Proposal Writing in Public Health
  • HLTH 6780 Public Health Practices and Issues

*Special Course

International Development and Social Sciences

There are numerous economic, environmental, social, and political challenges facing developing countries today. International development becomes a vast multi-disciplinary area of concern and action and embraces a multitude of approaches. The International Development and Social Sciences concentration prepares students to study and analyze a broad scope of issues facing developing nations today within the conceptual framework of economics, political science, sociology anthropology, and geography. Particular attention is paid to courses and development approaches that are designed to serve and enhance the capability of communities to further their own development.

Social Sciences Concentrations

A very large number of courses in diverse areas fall within this disciplinary concentration. Many thematic groups of courses are possible: Business, Culture, Communication, Economic Policy, Education, Gender, Politics/Public Policy, as well as area studies in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

  • ANTH 551 Political Anthropology
  • ECON 541 International Monetary Systems
  • ECON 542 International Economic Policy
  • GEOG 521 Population Geography
  • GEOG 529 World Economic Geography
  • HIST 525 History-U.S./Latin America Relations
  • HIST 534 Arab-Israeli Dispute
  • HIST 574B International Diplomacy 1914-1939
  • HIST 574C International Diplomacy 1939-present
  • HIST 616 Seminar-U.S. Foreign Relations
  • POLS 510 Public Policy Analysis
  • POLS 520 Women, Law and Politics
  • POLS 527 Formulation-American Foreign Policy
  • POLS 529 Comparative Public Administration
  • POLS 534 Govt. and Politics of Latin America
  • POLS 535 Revolution in Latin America
  • POLS 540 The Politics of Developing Areas
  • POLS 541 African Politics
  • POLS 542 Middle East Politics
  • POLS 545 Govt. and Politics of Japan
  • POLS 546 Govt. and Politics of China
  • POLS 547A Govt. and Politics of Southeast Asia
  • POLS 547B Govt. and Politics of Southeast Asia
  • POLS 552 Advanced International Relations
  • POLS 555 International Law
  • POLS 556 International Organizations
  • POLS 563 The U.S. and Africa
  • POLS 564W OAU and Africa
  • POLS 579 Latin American Political Thought
  • POLS 588 Public Dispute Resolution
  • POLS 590A Middle East Politics
  • POLS 590B Gender and Political Dev. in Africa
  • POLS 590K International Political Economy
  • POLS 590R Democratization
  • POLS 592A Research in International Relations
  • POLS 648 Politics of Southeast Asia
  • TCOM 575 Politics and the Electronic Media
  • Others as offered

International Development and Conflict

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