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Why you Need a Nursing School Support System

February 28, 2020

The pursuit of a registered nurse (RN) to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree is a rewarding, albeit demanding academic experience. The enriching curriculum dives deep into higher level medical concepts and in-demand skill development that can elevate a nursing professional to the next level in their career. 

As an online RN to BSN student, it can sometimes be difficult to find a cohort of like minded peers to connect with over the shared experiences within this demanding degree. However, the overall experience of navigating the bachelor’s completion degree can be enhanced when connecting with the diverse student population that brings with them a wide range of previous professional and academic backgrounds. Realizing and tapping into both commonalities and differences between you and your nursing school peers can ultimately create a strong network based on providing support to one another on the path to success.

Strength in Peer Partnership and Support

Though they come from diverse backgrounds and professional experiences, students in nursing bachelor completion degree programs often share the desire to pursue this degree for career advancement and long term professional security. Many times students in these types of programs have been out of the academic space for quite some time and worry that it would be overwhelming to jump back into a degree program, especially on their own.

Acknowledging this hurdle, Ohio University has helped to foster a connected community of online RN to BSN students. Through highly interactive Facebook groups, students are able to collaborate in real-time, share experiences and expertise, hear from diverse perspectives, and provide academic support and tips. The environment within these groups breeds strong partnerships between students, providing a trusted network that supports and encourages peer success.

A Mutual Pursuit of Career Advancement and Security

The demand for nurses is ever-increasing with job placements consistently growing at many essential locations such as hospitals, private practices, schools and colleges, assisted and senior living facilities, mental health centers, and more. 

Increasingly, employers are seeking to fill these open positions with nurses that hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, as a BSN represents a specialized medical knowledge and a well-rounded skill set. The BSN credential brings with it the badge of a professional that has the potential to lead, connect meaningfully with patients and team members, and contribute immediately to the medical team.

Students making the leap to pursue an online RN to BSN degree share this mutual goal for career advancement and long-term security. While exact needs for the degree may differ, the drive to learn advanced nursing concepts that can improve your abilities as a nurse is often the same. Taking a step back to realize that your fellow online classmates have many of the same academic and professional goals as you bridges the gap between peers, creating a common starting ground for support.

A Network that Reinforces the RN to BSN Curriculum

The curriculum of an RN to BSN program stands out in how it can be applied immediately to the students’ daily professional responsibilities. Mid-career students are able to continuously use the course concepts in their daily work as a means to enhance their ability to deliver high-value patient care and be influential leaders in the workplace.

With a curriculum that has this potential for immediate impact, students are immersed in the vast, open-ended applicability of the degree. Their peers, who likely are in different professional roles or placements, can offer additional insights and opportunities for growth. That’s because each student brings with them a wide range of previous experiences with patients and teams, and thus have unique perspectives on how the degree concepts can be applied. 

Connecting more authentically with your fellow students encourages you to broaden your own perspective on what you learn and how it can be applied back to your daily work.

How Faculty Can Also Support Success in the Online Degree Experience

An RN to BSN program taken fully online caters to busy nurses who are seeking an educational experience that can also establish a balance in work, home, and academics. The flexibility in access and time to degree completion that an online nursing degree offers expands the opportunity to return to school for many mid-career professionals who have concerns about being able to fit the program into their work and home schedules. 

These sought-after benefits of an online degree program mean that students do not necessarily have face-to-face interaction with the faculty members leading their courses. Still, the advanced technological options for class delivery, combined with a priority to ensure online students do not miss out on the holistic experience offered on campus, creates an engaging and interactive degree program. Students are benefitting not only from a degree that is not disruptive to their career but also a real-time support network from their faculty mentors who are dedicated to their academic and professional success. 

It is easy to hide behind the assumed feeling of anonymity that an online program can create. However, it is truly a missed opportunity to fail to connect with and build relationships with the online nursing faculty. Their expertise and unique experiences can be an invaluable resource both throughout the program for academic success, as well as after its completion, as faculty can offer guidance on professional specialization, networking, and advancement.

Join a Community That Takes Your RN to BSN Degree and Career to the Next Level

An online RN to BSN degree program has the potential to elevate your career as a nurse; it also brings with it the opportunity to connect with and learn from peers who are also looking to advance. Additionally,  online faculty members are dedicated to doing whatever they can to help you succeed and thrive.


If you are interested in joining a strong community of nursing students looking to take their careers to the next level, request more information about Ohio University’s online RN to BSN program to get started.