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The OHIO Alliance for Population Health

The OHIO Alliance for Population Health

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The OHIO Alliance for Population Health (the Alliance or OAPH) is a groundbreaking statewide collaborative focused on improving the health of all Ohioans. We work collectively to combine the resources and expertise of administrators, health-care practitioners, academic researchers, and policy experts from Ohio University and more than 50 affiliated universities, hospital associations, and health-care providers to solve the most complex and pressing population health concerns across the state.



What is Population Health?

  • Intersection of health outcomes, patterns, and policy

    This mindset works to improve health outcomes by studying patterns of health in different groups and working to implement policies and programs that address those patterns. 

  • Consideration of many factors

    This perspective considers how available health care, behavior, genetics, environment, and other circumstances all converge to impact health. 

  • Emphasis on the entire population

    This approach emphasizes the distribution of positive health to the entire population, rather than just the majority. Therefore, marginalized populations are often the focus of this work.

How Our Model Positions Us to Do this Work

  • Applied Problem Solving

    Our work results in practical solutions to address actual problems in real communities, regardless of size or scope.

  • Coordination

    The Alliance provides one point of access and coordination for organizations working to overcome Ohio’s population health challenges. We provide the convenience of working with a single, powerful team of experts.

  • Flexibility

    Alliance teams are assembled to deal with real problems, ranging from the smallest population concern in a local community to critical statewide challenges that affect all Ohioans.

  • Cost Sharing

    The Alliance is dedicated to long term partnerships that add value — not simply fee for service engagements. Clients are partners. Consequently, OAPH complements client efforts with the understanding that resources are limited, and clients bring value to the relationship that is more important than unrealistic financial obligations.

  • Partnership

    The Alliance consists of and works with local, regional and state teams that already include accomplished professionals. OAPH is dedicated to working together with client teams, not operating separately. The role of OAPH is to be a part of a larger team that extends beyond individual projects.

  • Population Health Philosophy

    The Alliance believes the answer to addressing Ohio’s most pressing health challenges is in the population health philosophy. Each individual life matters. We recognize education, prevention, intervention, treatment and long-term support are the keys to improving the health of all Ohioans. We fully embrace this philosophy. 

The Work We Do