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Athletic Training Residency

Athletic Training Residency

About the Program

Athletic Training Residency on OHIO's Dublin Campus

Ohio University (OHIO) and OhioHealth Sports Medicine jointly offer a post-professional athletic training residency program specializing in pediatric and adolescent sports medicine located at Ohio University’s Dublin Integrated Education Center. This partnership combines the strength of Ohio University’s history in athletic training education with the breadth of clinical practice experiences provided by OhioHealth, one of Ohio’s largest medical centers that employs over 100 athletic trainers. 

The OHIO-OhioHealth Athletic Training Residency in Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Medicine provides an advanced education program and a mentored clinical practice experience to certified athletic trainers who desire a curriculum focused upon the unique needs of the active pediatric and adolescent patient.



Advanced education. 
A mentored clinical experience.

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Program Mission, Vision & Outcomes


To educate and cultivate future leaders in the profession of athletic training to provide innovative and evidence-based healthcare for pediatric and adolescent sports medicine populations.


To provide early-career athletic trainers an innovative program consisting of advanced study and intensive mentored clinical practice focusing on the management and care of pediatric and adolescent patients.  The residency aims to become a program where athletic trainers desire to transition their knowledge, skills and abilities into leadership roles and advanced clinical practice within youth sports medicine settings.


  1. Residents will be able to apply critically appraised research to improve pediatric and adolescent patient outcomes.
  2. Residents will be able to use patient and clinical outcomes to develop a quality improvement plan.
  3. Residents will be able to function as a patient advocate through interprofessional collaboration and consideration of patient and family values.
  4. Residents will be able to develop professional and collaborative relationships with members of the pediatric and adolescent healthcare team.
  5. Residents will be able to provide quality healthcare efficiently and consistently.
  6. Residents will be able to exhibit citizenship and professional engagement within the local or professional community.
  7. Residents will be able to demonstrate the ability to self-assess and implement feedback to promote personal and professional growth.

Residency Procedural Handbook

Residency Didactic Program

The OHIO-OhioHealth Athletic Training Residency is one of the few residencies in athletic training offering a structured didactic experience resulting in credit hour generation and an academic transcript that can be applied to OHIO’s Doctor of Athletic Training program upon successful completion of residency course work.

  Summer Term1 Fall Semester2 Spring Semester3

AT 6110: AT Administration (3)

AT 6360: Psychosocial Issues in AT (2)

AT 6210: Human Anatomy for ATs (3)

AT 6400: Evidence-Based Care I (3)

AT 5300: Manual Therapy  (3)

AT 6410: Evidence-Based Care II (3)

Term/Semester Credit Hours: 5 6 6

1 Summer term is typically scheduled throughout the month of July.
2 Fall semester is typically scheduled from the end of August to the first week of December.
3 Spring semester is typically scheduled from the beginning of January to the first week in May.


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Residency Clinical Practice

The OHIO-OhioHealth Athletic Training Residency in Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Medicine provides a 12-month full-time employment contract with OhioHealth Sports Medicine. The employment contract reflects a competitive salary and benefits (i.e., medical, dental, vision, prescription, and flexible spending). Clothing, startup supplies (e.g., psychrometer, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, etc.), and continuing education opportunities and funds will also be provided. A typical clinical practice schedule is provided below.

July August-December January February-May June
Onboarding Middle School, High School or Club Physician Practice* Middle School, High School or Club Physician Practice*

*The timing of the physician practice experience will vary across all residents. What is provided above is a sample of one clinical practice rotation.

OhioHealth offers a variety of middle and high school clinical practice settings in private and public institutions. These institutions range in enrollments from 400-2000 students with 14-55 sports teams. The club sport clinical practice setting is with the Columbus Crew Soccer Academy (CCSA). The CCSA focuses on developing elite-level soccer skills in adolescents aged 12-19. Physician practice rotations occur with family practice physicians.


Residency Scholarship

As part of the program requirements, The OHIO-OhioHealth Athletic Training Residency in Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Medicine requires residents to complete a collaborative capstone research project, which is based upon patient and/or clinician outcomes collected during clinical practice. The complete project is expected to be suitable for a conference presentation as an abstract or poster as well as to provide a measure of quality improvement for OhioHealth Sports Medicine clinical sites and programs. 

Residency Directors

Laura L. Harris, PhD, AT
Athletic Training Residency Director
Clinical Professor

Natalie A. Dick, DO
Athletic Training Residency Medical Director
Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Medicine

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