History, Mission, Vision

In July 2010, the former College of Health and Human Services became the College of Health Sciences and Professions and the schools of Human and Consumer Sciences, and Recreation and Sport Sciences ceased to exist. During the restructuring process, Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology, and Food and Nutrition Sciences were merged into the School of Applied Health Sciences and Wellness. Today, faculty in each of the three divisions strive to prepare students for professional careers in a variety of health and wellness fields.

Our mission is to provide distinctive programs that integrate theory, research, and practice. Our programs foster the development of successful graduates that enhance health, wellness, and quality of life through prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Our vision is to optimize the health and wellness solutions for rural and underserved communities.

Students enrolled in any of our programs and who meet the eligibility and approval requirements have the option of enrolling in the school honors program.