Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology

student studying exercise physiology

Exercise Physiology is an applied science that allows graduates to conduct health assessments and fitness testing and write exercise prescriptions for a variety of human performance goals. This requires a background in basic science (chemistry, physics and biology) as well as a good understanding of human anatomy, human physiology and exercise physiology. Our undergraduate program begins with these foundational sciences and gradually adds the applied skills needed to make the applications of this discipline.

Our curriculum prepares graduates for careers working with patients experiencing clinical limitations (such as in cardiac rehabilitation), the average healthy adult in a community fitness program and/or athletes seeking training programs designed to maximize human performance.

As the result of the strong science foundation found in our program, many of our graduates use their degrees as professional preparation to continue their education in medical school, athletic training, physical therapy school and physician assistant programs.

Exercise Physiology Curriculum Details

Exercise Physiology Undergraduate Program Flier (PDF)


Exercise Physiology Professional Organizations

American College of Sports Medicine
National Strength and Conditioning Association
American Society of Exercise Physiologists
American College of Sports Medicine - Midwest Chapter
American Physiological Society

Information about other Professional Programs

American Physical Therapy Association
American Occupational Therapy Association
American Academy of Physician Assistants
American Medical Association
National Athletic Trainer's Association

Opportunities for Experiential Learning

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