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Undergraduate Food and Nutrition Sciences

Division of Food and Nutrition Sciences

Students interested in a major in food and nutrition sciences have multiple options of study to best meet their career path goals. Students enrolled in the applied nutrition major choose a concentration: dietetics, culinary, or environmental nutrition. Students interested in a pre-medicine/pre-professional undergraduate experience with a nutrition emphasis choose the nutrition science major. Graduates of either applied nutrition or nutrition science receive a Bachelor of Science in food and nutrition sciences degree. Students may also minor in applied nutrition and earn certificates in diabetes and sports nutrition.

The Food and Nutrition Sciences undergraduate program houses the Diabetes Certificate and Sports Nutrition Certificate. For more information on these certificates, please visit the links below:

Diabetes Certificate
Sports Nutrition Certificate
Applied Nutrition
Nutrition Science

Adding the Diabetes Certificate or Sports Nutrition Certificate

Students interested in pursuing the Diabetes Certificate (CTDIAB) or Sports Nutrition Certificate may obtain an application form from their college’s student services office. After completing the application and obtaining the certificate coordinator’s signature, they should return the form to their college’s student services office. Each academic period on the student’s DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) Report, students can track their progress in the certificate program. Students must receive a C or better in both core and elective courses to receive the certificate. The undergraduate Diabetes Certificate will be awarded upon graduation if the student has successfully completed the requirements, and a notation of the certificate will be recorded on the student’s transcript.

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