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A&S Pre-Medicine Programs

Medical School Prerequisites

Medical school requirements include:

  • 2 semesters of biology, with labs
  • 2 semesters of chemistry, with labs
  • 2 semesters of organic chemistry, with labs
  • 2 semesters of physics, with labs
  • Many schools also require a year of college English and college math.
  • Courses in anatomy, physiology, genetics, immunology, biochemistry, social sciences and the humanities often are strongly recommended.

Biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics should be taken before the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Additionally, biochemistry and introductory sociology and psychology will be tested on the MCAT. Competitive grades and MCAT scores are expected of medical school applicants. For individual medical school requirements, please view the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) for M.D. programs and the College Information Book for D.O. programs. Students also may be interested in the AAMC information on the Cost of Applying to Medical School.

Student Involvement

You'll find many student clubs to choose from at Ohio University, including clubs that focus on pre-health careers or scientific research. Involvement in your campus community is important for your professional development and networking. Keep in mind that most medical schools prefer to see evidence of leadership and serious commitment to a few extracurricular activities rather than superficial participation in many.

Clinical Experience

You will need to acquire experience by doing work in a clinical setting, such as a hospital, doctor?s office or nursing home. You can do your work in your hometown during the summer or winter break as well as in Athens during the school year. Seek out volunteer work, employment, or shadowing experience in the field in which you hope to work. The PreProfessional Advising Center will be glad to give you guidance on how to make this experience successful.