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A&S Departmental Honors Thesis or Project Approval Process, Deadlines and Forms

Thesis or Project Submission Form

The thesis/project submission form is completed after the thesis or project is approved by all appropriate faculty. This form should be typed and requires signatures from the Thesis Project Adviser and Department Honors Coordinator. Students must schedule an appointment with Dr. Randy Price and bring the completed Thesis Submission form to this meeting. Dr. Price will obtain the signature of the dean (or his designee). Once approved (pending library approval being in place to do this), the thesis will be authorized for uploading in OhioLink.


Departmental Honors Designation on Transcripts

Theses and projects (along with the completed Thesis/Project Submission Form) must be submitted to the Office of the Dean by the last day of class for the semester in order for the Departmental Honors designation to appear on the student's graduation transcript.

Departmental Honors (DH) Designation in the Commencement Program

In order to be included in the Ohio University Commencement Program, the departmental honors coordinator must email a student's name and thesis title to Dr. Randy Price by the end of the fifth week of the semester. The email must include the student's name, PID number, academic department, thesis adviser, and thesis title.

This deadline applies only for your name and thesis to be included in the Commencement Program. Information submitted after the above dates cannot be guaranteed to be included in the Commencement Program. Departmental Honors can be added to a student's final transcript at a future date: however, it is unlikely the diploma will include a DH designation because it is ordered and mailed out shortly after graduation. Questions about deadlines should be directed to Dr. Price.