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A&S Credit, Pass-Fail & Non-Credit

Credit (CR) Hours

Coursework that is offered for credit (CR) may be applied toward requirements, but is limited to 12 hours out of 120 hours earned. Do not confuse credit (CR) with pass/fail (P/F).

Pass/Fail Hours

Courses taken pass/fail are limited strictly to electives hours, or hours that fulfill hours to graduate, and may total no more than 12 hours. No course taken pass/fail may fulfill any requirement, except the total hours requirement. For an Arts & Sciences student, this policy effectively restricts taking any pass/fail course within the areas of foreign language, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, major, minor, and special curriculum requirements, unless that area is completed, as required. See the Pass/Fail section in the Grading Information section of Academic Policies and Procedures in the catalog for more information.

Non-Credit Hours

Non-credit courses do not count toward the 120-hour requirement. Non-credit courses are those developmental courses numbered D000-D999 (e.g., ENG D150, MATH D005) in excess of six credit hours; courses completed out of sequence (i.e., a lower-level course taken after completing an advanced course in the same academic department); certain technology courses; skills courses such as UC D998 in excess of the six-hour limit; credits duplicated by the repetition of coursework; and courses taken for audit. See the Graduation Requirements — University-wide section of the catalog for details about credit and grading, repeated courses, and residence requirements that affect hours required.