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Branded Templates

Submitting a report or presentation? Use the templates below for a branded and professional look.

The following files have been prepared using Microsoft programs on an Apple operating system. Slight adjustments may be necessary based on the specific operating system and software that you use on your own computer.

An important note about fonts: To make the presentations look the same as intended, you’ll need to download the University's branded fonts. These are free, open-source fonts that you can download using your OHIO ID. If you're unable to download the approved fonts, you can always use (substitute) a system font like Arial or Calibri; your text just won’t match the logo and other branded elements in the files.

You'll notice that the PowerPoint templates have several tips about other OHIO brand characteristics like approved color usage, you can always find additional guidance and support on the University Communications & Marketing website.



Need photos to add to your report or presentation? Explore thousands of options using the University's digital image library. Using your OHIO ID, you can download any files for use in your documents.

Need new photos taken for your project? Check out the college's COB Photography Direction [PDF] that includes resources, recommendations, and requirements.

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