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Bachelor of Science in Business

Ohio University's Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) is a program designed to prepare students for business careers in marketing, human resources, supply chain management or technical project management. The BSB is available in a hybrid format on Ohio University’s regional campuses or you can complete the degree completely online. This AACSB-accredited (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) program is also an excellent foundation for entry into a Master of Business Administration program.

This program is transfer-friendly for those with previous college credits but can also be completed 100% online, with no previous college coursework required. Students will earn a high-quality bachelor’s degree in business plus a certificate or minor, while developing leadership and supervisory skills, learning to assess business risk and understand competitive challenges.

In Person and Online

Students can pursue the business program in a hybrid format at one of Ohio University’s regional campuses, or you can complete the degree completely online.

In Person on OHIO’s Regional Campuses

Our regional campuses offer students the excellence of an OHIO education combined with outstanding faculty while learning occurs in their local community. The BSB is available in a hybrid format, through a mix of in-person and online coursework, on all five OHIO regional campuses:

Flexible Online Format

Complete your degree on your own schedule through asynchronous coursework. The program’s flexible online format allows you to pace your classes to fit your life and career. You can start whenever you’re ready – fall, spring or summer semesters.

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If you are not currently enrolled at Ohio University, you will need to complete an application for admission. Select the program format that you prefer—in person hybrid at a regional campus or online.

What courses will you take?

Study general business concepts like marketing principles, business ethics, accounting, and economics while also taking courses that fit your specific career goals through the selection of a minor or certificate.

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Pre-major Requirements

Students are required to complete 30 credit hours of pre-major with a 2.0 or better overall GPA:

  • MATH 1200 College Algebra (3) or MATH 1350 Survey of Calculus (3) or MATH 1060 Quantitative Reasoning (3) or MATH 1500 Introductory Statistics (3)  
  • ACCT 1010 Foundations of Accounting (3) or ATCH 1030 Financial Accounting Procedures (3)  
  • ACCT 1020 Decision Making with Accounting (3) or ATCH 1040 Managerial Accounting Procedures (3)  
  • ECON 1030 Microeconomics (3) or ECON 1000 Survey of Economics (3)  
  • BA 1500 Introduction to Business Communication and Professional Skills (3)
  • QBA 1721 Introduction to Information Analysis and Descriptive Analytics (Non-major) (3) or QBA 1720 Introduction to Information Analysis and Descriptive Analytics (3) or QBA 2720 Business Analytics (3)  
  • MGT 2000 Introduction to Management (3) or BMT 1100 Introduction to Management (3) or MGT 2100 Introduction to Management and Organization (3)  
  • MKT 2020 Marketing Principles (3) or BMT 1400 Concepts of Marketing (3) or MKT 2400 Introduction to Marketing Management (3)  
  • BMT 2000 Introduction to Business Computing (3)
  • BUSL 2000 Law and Society or BUSL 2550 The Legal Environment of Business (3)  

Major Requirements

Students are required to complete major requirements with a 2.0 or better overall GPA in the following:

Business Core
  • SAM 3000 Managing Systems and Projects (3)
  • SAM 3010 Managing Processes and Supply Chains (3)
  • SAM 3020 Consumer Marketing (3)
  • SAM 3050 Supervision Management (3)
  • SAM 3100 Financial Management (3)
  • SAM 4700 Managing Strategically (3)  
Business Skills and Experience  
  • SAM 3030 Introduction to BSB and Career Development (1)
  • MGT 3640 Cultural Intelligence in Business (1)
  • BA 3900 Topics in Business Ethics (1)
  • SAM 3905 Internship and Career Preparation (1)
  • SAM 3910 Internship (1-3)  

Approved Certificate or Minor Requirements

Students are required to complete one approved certificate or minor (15-18 credit hours).

  • Marketing Minor (15 hours)
  • Human Resource Management Certificate (15 hours)
  • Supply Chain Management Certificate (15 hours)
  • Technical Project Management Certificate (18 hours)
  • FEEM (Festival, Event, Entertainment Management) Certificate

Note: Courses fulfilling both pre-major or major requirements and certificate or minor requirements may be double counted to complete both requirements.

Upper-Level Electives

Complete a total of 30 semester hours of courses at the 3000 level or above. Note: All 3000 – 4000 level courses taken in residence or transferred may apply toward this requirement.

Potential Careers

By earning an AACSB-accredited Bachelor of Science in Business degree, you will be prepared for success in a wide variety of business careers and you’ll also earn a minor or certificate allowing you to specialize. Marketing, human resources, supply chain management and technical project management specializations lead to possible careers in industries like health care, technology, transportation, manufacturing, retail, and more.