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Finance Advisory Council

Made up of alumni and friends, the council uses its broad network to open doors for students to learn through internships and, after graduation, secure permanent positions in a variety of finance fields.


The Finance Advisory Council (FAC) brings the professional and academic communities together by fostering communication between the faculty of the Finance Department and professionals in the field. This ensures that the College of Business' finance curriculum is up-to-date and meets the needs of the dynamic business environment.

Recent activity of the council involves establishing the trading floor in Copeland 101, helping the Finance Department revise its curriculum, providing scholarships, donating money to student groups for things like travel, making industry connections, and serving as mentors in a formal mentor program. 

Council Activities

  • The FAC meets bi-annually (in the spring and fall).
  • Members aid in arranging industry professionals to make in-class presentations.
  • Members serve as professional contacts for students seeking internships or permanent positions.

FAC Members

  • Matt Bey
  • Bob Brewster
  • Jim Brown
  • Steve Bystrom
  • Natalie Chieffe
  • Devin Crist
  • Justin Dammel
  • Matt Daugherty
  • Anthony Demaria
  • Joseph Fleming
  • Cory Frye
  • Anthony Gargano
  • Jake Gilliam
  • Charlie Groux
  • Charles (Charley) Hale
  • Nate Haynes
  • Christine Haythorn
  • Adam Hickman
  • Neil Holden
  • Stephen Huang
  • Pat Jamieson
  • Michael Jones
  • Brad Kelly
  • Candy Kemmerer
  • Chuck Kiraly
  • Nicholas Krainess
  • David Lewis
  • Matt Marscher
  • Brian Moore
  • Doug Muszynski
  • Kelly Noll
  • Ryan Pavlik
  • Dave Payne
  • Nick Prala
  • Amanda Sigg
  • Mark Snider
  • Anna Stavreska
  • John Stowe
  • Tyson Vines
  • Ron Weiner
  • Jonathan York
  • Jeff Young