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Students receive plaques at Executive Advisory Board award ceremony
Executive Advisory Board

Executive Advisory Board

Providing Unmatched Executive Advice to Future Bobcats

In Ohio University’s College of Business, we don’t think education means spending all of your time with your nose in a book. We believe in hands-on experience and real world advice from alumni who are top in their fields. Our advisory board serves to counsel and support the faculty, administration, and students on the college’s ultimate goals — making creative, innovative, and competitive graduates.

  • About the Members

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  • EAB By-Laws

    The EAB abides by its ratified by-laws.

Who Are They?

College of Business EAB members are successful and accomplished professionals. Presidents to advisers, CEOs to consultants, they are investors, principals, managers, and Bobcats. Through their business ventures, they have proven their worth and bring credibility to the college. They are what our graduates strive to become.

Business Executive Advisory Board meeting, woman at table

What Do They Do?

In addition to supporting university-wide initiatives, EAB members also contribute to College of Business projects, provide curriculum input that reflects ever-changing business trends, and help strategize long-term goals.

Business Executive Advisory Board meeting, man at table

Where Are They Located?

EAB members live all over the country, bringing a wide-ranging set of skills, knowledge, and experience to the school. Our board stretches from the West, through America’s Heartland, and into New England, keeping its finger on the pulse of business’ growth and change.

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Why Are They So Important?

It’s simple: The EAB acts as a crucial liaison between the business and professional community by providing valuable government and industry contacts. This helps faculty increase the impact of their research and teaching, and gives students access to critical mentoring. As students advance and begin to think about their post-graduation options, the Executive Advisory Board is there to fulfill it’s name — provide unmatched executive advice to future Bobcats in business.

Executive Advisory Board meeting at Burr Oak