Support Your Colleagues as Athens Takes it Off

January 17, 2013

The 4th Annual Athens Takes It Off began on Monday, January 14, 2013, the challenge is a healthy living and weight loss competition.

I will be writing about updates from inside the competition, I am on the team Thinner Winners=Chicken Dinner, as well as talking to some people participating to see what they have learned about as they work towards a healthier life.

Teams began the challenge on Monday and the schedule is below.

If you know of anyone on a team, please give them support and continue to check out the blog for more updates!

~Fitness class demonstration the week of January 21

~Cooking demonstration one day the week of January 28

~February 2, annual Zumbathon at the market on state in support of Go Red Day

~Potluck one day during the week of February 11

~Fitness class demonstration the week of February 18

~Fitness class demonstration the week of March 11

~Weigh-out March 18 & 19

~End Celebration March 21

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