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Frequently Asked Questions

Students often find themselves in situations where they need assistance in resolving a concern and the Dean of Students office is happy to assist. The following are some topics that cover frequently asked questions which may be helpful.  If you have specific questions not covered here, please reach out directly to the Office of the Dean of Students at (740) 593-1800 or deanofstudents@ohio.edu.

Academic Advising

If you do not know who your advisor is or are having trouble getting in contact with your advisor, go to My OHIO Student Center, which allows you to enter your OHIO ID and password and directly access your advisor information. If you continue to have difficulty locating your advisor, you should contact your college dean’s office.

Adjustment Issues

If you are having concerns regarding your adjustment to Ohio University (meeting people, depression, lack of confidence, eating disorders, etc.), Counseling & Psychological Services – (740) 593-1616, located on the 3rd floor of Hudson Hall – can provide individual counseling and support groups for you that address a wide variety of adjustment issues.

Alcohol or Drug Use

If you are exhibiting unhealthy alcohol or drug use (through observed behaviors or conversations), Counseling & Psychological Services – (740) 593-1616, located on the 3rd floor of Hudson Hall – can provide assessment and individual counseling for you.

Career Exploration

If you need help exploring your career goals and determining a major, the Career Network – (740) 566-8888, located at 101 McGuffey Hall – helps students explore majors and careers as well as providing outreach programs in residence halls and classes. This office can also assist students in identifying summer jobs and internships.

Commuter Student Services

If you have an issue relating to being a commuter student the staff with Commuter Student Services at the office of University College, 140 Chubb Hall (740) 593-1935 are ready to help you.

Course Grade Appeal Procedure

The instructor assigned to the class has full responsibility for grading. Grades for a course cannot be changed by any other mechanism other than the grade appeal process outlined in the faculty handbook. The burden of proof for a grade change is on the student, except in those cases involving charges of academic dishonesty. Tips from the Ombuds Office regards to the appeal procedure can be found here.

Death of a Family Member

If you experience the death of a family member and need to leave campus, you should contact your academic dean's office who will notify your professors about your absence. Whenever possible, you should contact professors individually. Counseling & Psychological Services – (740) 593-1616, located on the 3rd floor of Hudson Hall – can provide individual counseling and support groups for students experiencing grief. If you live on campus, it is often helpful to notify Housing & Residence Life at (740) 593-4090 to provide follow-up support for you. In addition, the Dean of Students Office – (740) 593-1800; 345 Baker University Center or email at: deanstu@ohio.edu – can facilitate all of the services listed above should you or your family need additional assistance.


If there is an emergency situation on campus, you should contact the Ohio University Police Department at (740) 593-1911. If you are looking for updates about emergencies, you can visit the Ohio University Emergency webpage.

Emergency Closing of the University

Upon the declaration by the University President/designee, Ohio University will close and classes will be cancelled when the Athens County Sheriff's department determines a Level III emergency exists for Athens County. Appropriate closing and reopening times will be announced through all media sources. For more detailed information and updates during an emergency closing visit http://www.ohio.edu.

Financial Concerns

If you have concerns regarding financial problems, etc, the  Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships  – (740) 593-4141, located in 020 Chubb Hall – provides information and counseling to all students. Financial assistance is available through loans, scholarships, grants, work-study, PACE (Program to Aid Career Exploration) and emergency short-term loans.

If you are experiencing a financial difficulty due to an emergency situation or one time hardship, please visit the OHIO Emergency Microgrants website.

Grievances, Academic

If you have a grievance that is related to your academic program or coursework, the Ombuds Office, 501 Baker University Center, (740) 593-2627, can provide advice and assistance to help you resolve academically-related conflicts.


If you become ill, Campus Care – Hudson Health Center, (740) 593-1660 – can provide medical attention to you including lab work, x-rays and a pharmacy. Should you have to leave campus for medical reasons, you should call your academic dean's office and notify the office of your absence & expected date of return. Academic dean's offices will notify your professors of your absence. If you are able to, you should make every attempt to contact professors directly.

International Students Services

If you have questions regarding immigration, correspondence with sponsors or getting in touch with embassies, the International Student & Faculty Services (ISFS) – (740) 593-4330, located in Walter International Education Center – assists international students with initial orientation to Athens and Ohio University, as well as helping you with problems, university regulations and other related concerns. If you want to study abroad, you should contact the office of Global Opportunities in Walter International Education Center.


The Campus Involvement Center – (740) 593-4025, located in 355 Baker University Center – and The Office of Multicultural Programs – (740) 593-4027, located in 205 Baker University Center – offer many opportunities for involvement including more than 500 registered student organizations, Sorority and Fraternity Life, leadership development and cultural and campus programming. In addition, Housing & Residence Life, (740) 593-4090, can refer you to many alternative programs on weekends & evenings (you should see your RA for more information).

Learning Disabilities

If you have a learning disability, are experiencing difficulty adjusting to classes or suspect that you have a learning disability, Student Accessibility Services – 230 Alden Library, (740) 593-2620 – offers support for students diagnosed with learning disabilities. You should register with this office upon arrival to campus. Counseling & Psychological Services – (740) 593-1616, located on the 3rd floor of Hudson – can provide diagnostic tests and counseling support for students with special needs

Relationship Issues

If you have concerns about relationship difficulties (family, friends, significant others) Counseling & Psychological Services – (740) 593-1616, located on the 3rd floor of Hudson – can provide individual counseling and support groups for students addressing relationship issues.

Roommate or Living Arrangement Concerns

If you are concerned about roommate conflict or problems with your living environment on-campus, you should contact your resident assistant (RA) and discuss your concern. If you feel that the situation has not been resolved, you should contact the resident director (RD) of your residence hall. If you are concerned about living arrangements off-campus, you should contact The Off-Campus Living – 215 Living Learning Center, (740) 593-4090.

Sexual Assault

For resources on making a report or for confidential resources please see the resources page of the Office of University Equity and Civil Right Compliance.