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Withdrawal for Medical Reasons

Withdrawal for Medical Reasons

Students experiencing significant medical concerns may be able to withdraw for medical reasons from their entire course load. The individual student initiates this process by contacting the office of the academic dean of their college. This withdrawal must be obtained by the day prior to the last day of classes of any given semester.

Your college might ask that you provide professional verification of your condition. If you worked with a medical provider, inquire about their ability to provide the appropriate documentation.

Withdrawal for medical reasons will result in a "medical hold" on your student account. You will receive grades of WP or WF for all of your classes, but your overall GPA will not be affected.

If you have decided to take a withdrawal for medical reasons, we recommend that you discuss this decision not just with your academic advisors and instructors, but also with trusted friends, family members and whoever else might offer you support and helpful information.

Please review the resources below to help you communicate with those who want you to or are talking to you about your withdrawal for medical reasons.

Guide for Communicating About a Withdrawal 

Stay Connected During Medical Withdrawal

When you take a withdrawal for medical reasons, it's helpful to have someone at OHIO who can be a trusted person and point of contact through whom you can maintain a connection and a sense of belonging.  This person, or people, can help you navigate the paperwork and processes involved in leaving and returning and how to manage your time during your withdrawal. 

Guide to Stay Connected During Withdrawal

Returning to School

Returning to OHIO after a leave of absence, like any transition, can be fraught with emotions — excitement, joy, worry, anxiety.  Most often, students describe having all of these feelings.  It's important to reflect on how you feel, as your feelings about your readiness are central to your next steps in how and when you re-engage in coursework. This guide will help you examine and track your readiness to return to school, as well as explore resources to facilitate your transition and map out the logistics for your successful return.

Guide for Returning to School

Apply for Re-Enrollment

Please note that while the "medical hold" is in effect you will not be able to register. We hope you will be able to return to your studies at Ohio University which you can do after medical clearance has been granted by a healthcare professional treating your condition. If you decide to apply for re-enrollment to Ohio University, you must complete the following four steps:

  1. Submit all required paperwork one (1) month in advance of the semester in which you wish to re-enroll.
  2. Have the provider in charge of your treatment complete a Readiness to Return Form and required written assessment. You may obtain a Readiness to Return Form by calling the Dean of Students Office at 740.593.1800, or see below to download this form.
  3. Notify your provider that they must submit the required written assessment as stated on the Readiness to Return form.
  4. Sign a form authorizing the release of information to the Office of the Dean of Students so that the staff can speak to your provider. The purpose of this sharing of information is to establish that you have resolved the difficulties that caused you to withdraw for medical reasons and that you are now prepared to successfully return. You may obtain the release of information from your practitioner, by calling the Office of the Dean of Students at 740.593.1800, or see below to download the release of information form.
  5. Please call the Office of the Dean of Students to verify that the Readiness to Return Form, provider letter, and Release of Information Form have been received and answer any remaining questions. Please realize that a final conversation with the Office of the Dean of Students is usually required prior to any final decision to lift a medical hold prior to re-enrollment and that the University retains the right to grant final clearance.
  6. Re-enroll through the Office of the Registrar.
  7. Please review the Campus Resources when Returning from Medical Withdrawal by calling the Office of the Dean of Students at 740.593.1800 or see below to download this form.

If you have any questions about the process of medical withdrawal and re-enrollment, please do not hesitate to call the Office of the Dean of Students at 740.593.1800.