Student FAQ

How do I appeal my grade?

Grade appeals are only done after the course is completed. The student may initiate the process directly. However, the Ombudsperson is available for assistance or to answer questions as needed. 

The burden of proof for a grade appeal is on the student. If you are in the middle of the semester and believe you may be appealing your grade, be sure to keep all documentation - screenshots of Blackboard, the syllabus, and all tests and papers.

If you have additional questions about the process after reviewing the information below, please feel free to contact the Ombuds at 740-593-2627 or


Grade Appeal Information


Grade Appeal Tips


I know I participated in the discussion board on Blackboard, but my professor doesn't see it. Now my grade is impacted. What do I do?

Blackboard is a phenomenal tool, but has particular requirements to work optimally. OIT created a quick fix fact sheet for students that gives answers to common problems that come to the ombuds office.

I bought a car from someone off-campus and I only had it for a week and it won't start. What can I do?

Since the situation occurred between you and someone who is not affiliated with OHIO, the Ombuds Office cannot intervene on your behalf. You may want to consult with the lawyers at the Center for Student Legal Services to determine if you have grounds for renegotiating your situation. The Center for Student Legal Services is located at 50 South Court St., Suite D.

You might find that mediation could provide a way for you and the previous car owner to discuss your situation with a neutral third party. An option to consider may be the Athens Area Mediation Service, located at 396 Richland Ave., Athens.

My landlord isn't making repairs on our apartment. What can I do?

Because you live off-campus, you may want to seek assistance from another office. This ombuds office jurisdiction is only within Ohio University.

Options to consider:
The Off-Campus Living office, assists students with off-campus living issues, including supporting positive relationships between the University and the community. They also assist in helping people find resources for off-campus housing.

Student Senate

The Athens Areas Mediation Service could conduct mediations between you and your landlord to assist in resolving the issue informally.
396 Richland Avenue, Athens

The Center for Student Legal Services could help review legal strategies to respond to the situation.
50 South Court St, Suite D, Athens

What do I do if I don't want to live on campus anymore?

All students under the age of 23 with fewer than six quarters/four semesters in the residence halls prior to the semesters in which they enroll must reside in university-owned housing and participate in an associated mandatory meal plan, subject to certain exemptions. Learn more about the housing requirement and exemptions.

The first step to making a change is to speak with your Residential Coordinator or Resident Director. The approach Residential Housing staff take with requests is to try to determine the specific problem and assist you in solving it. Depending on your situation, you may have other options available to you. There are various resources on campus ready to help you find the best solution. Possible solutions might include a room change or explore on-campus employment or an extension to pay your bill. Your RC/RD or staff in the Residential Housing Central Office (located in 060 Chubb Hall) can assist you with determining what your options are.

It is rare for students to be released from their contracts in the middle of the year. With nearly 4,000 rooms and 42 buildings, there are a variety of accommodation options.

If an acceptable alternative is not found, you can begin the process for requesting a release from the housing contract in the middle of the year (contract termination) or release from the housing requirement (exemption from having to sign a housing contract). More information on the exemption process, including the necessary forms and documentation requirements, can be found at

You should allow 14 to 21 days for initial review and processing of your request.

I have changed my diet to be all organic and vegetarian foods. I want to cancel my dining contract. What do I do?

First, contact Culinary Services at 597-2170 to arrange an appointment to discuss your nutritional needs with a staff member. The Culinary Services website has other information which will help you, as well as links on how to make changes to your current meal plan.

Meal plan contracts are binding for the entire academic year. Once you have committed to a meal plan, changes are only granted based on extenuating circumstances. Residential Housing makes the final determination (approved, denied, or more information is requested). They will notify you if more information is needed. The process is outlined at

If you make a termination request, you should anticipate that the process will take up to 21 days.

Where do I go if my Work Study boss and I don't get along?

If you are having difficulties with your supervisor, you may want to approach them to talk about things. You may want to initiate the conversation and try to clarify what your supervisor and your expectations are for the job you have. Many times writing things down or reviewing a job description will help clarify what your responsibilities are.

If you feel uncomfortable talking alone with your supervisor, you may contact the Ombuds Office or the Assistant Director of Student Employment Programs in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to discuss your concerns.

Learn more about the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships or look for other student employment options.

If you feel you would like some ideas on how to approach your supervisor, we could meet with you to discuss your particular situation. When possible, it is usually better to try to address a situation early.