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The events of the past few months have placed a spotlight on the history of racism in American culture.  The Ohio University Southern Council on Diversity and Inclusion will initiate "Campus Conversations," a monthly series of virtual conversations that will be presented throughout the academic year. Campus Conversations will serve as a catalyst for change by bringing people together to learn, share experiences, ask questions, and inspire collective action.  The series will be addressing race from different perspectives.  Through open, honest and civil dialogue we can hear and learn from one another.  We don’t expect to resolve this crisis in one hour, but together, we can begin paving a path forward.

Community Guidelines: In order to create a positive and engaging online environment, we ask that all participants keep comments respectful and appropriate to the conversation. We encourage you to ask questions, listen actively and attentively, and to be respectful of the rights and opinions of others, including conversations where people may hold differing views.  We reserve the right to remove any content that violates these guidelines, the student code of conduct, and Ohio University policy.



Campus Conversation: Understanding Bias

We all have biases that affect the way we live and work in the world.  We will define terms like unconscious bias, implicit bias, microaggressions and discuss steps to overcome biases and reject stereotypes during this conversation. Whether conscious or unconscious, understanding our own biases is the key to creating a more inclusive community.

FACILITATOR:  Dr. Shelvy Campbell-Monroe, Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion, Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine & School of Pharmacy

DATE: Video recorded Wednesday, February 24, 12:00pm


Campus Conversation: What Would You Do?

James Baldwin said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”  We have all been there… You hear or see something from a friend, coworker, or family member that your gut tells you is racist, and no matter how badly you want to respond, you don’t know-how.  This campus conversation will provide tools for personal reflection and strategies to engage in meaningful and useful dialogue in addressing uncomfortable situations.
FACILITATOR:  Mr. Marcquis T. Parham, Assistant Director, Career and Leadership Development Center for Hospitality, Merchandising, and Recreation, Career Services
DATE/TIME: Wednesday, April 14 | 12:00pm-1:00pm
REGISTRATION:  Register here to receive information about how to join this event.
CONTACT: Robert Pleasant, pleasanr@ohio.edu, 740-533-4600 or Teresa McKenzie, mckenzt1@ohio.edu





Campus Conversation: Being Black

Across the country, Americans are grappling with the killing of George Floyd and confronting the legacy of racism. It is against this backdrop of dual crises of public health and racial justice, that members of the Bobcat family will share experiences, discuss racial inequities, and explore what we can collectively do as a community to effect positive, lasting change. This event is open to Ohio University Southern students, faculty, staff, and alumni. 

Panelist include Alan Brown, Ohio University Southern Alumnus, Walt Mayo, Instructor, Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy, Dr. Teresa McKenzie, Coordinator of Accessibility and Veteran Services, and Dr. Salome Nnoromele, Associate Dean of Student and Academic Affairs.

Date:    Video recorded September 16, 2020

Campus Conversation: A Freedom Rider in 2020

Joan C. Browning has dedicated her life to fighting for equality. As a Freedom Rider, Joan was an active part of the Civil Rights Movement. In the decades since, Joan has continued her activism and shared her experiences in an effort to inspire others to do the same. Joan will discuss how social activism continues to play a critical role in ensuring racial equality in our communities today. 

Date:  Video recorded October 21, 2020

For more information on this event please contact:   Robert Pleasant – pleasanr@ohio.edu or 740.533.4600

Campus Conversation: Being Black Adjacent

In a world that is becoming increasingly divided, it is easy to miss those who straddle the line between groups. In Campus conversations: Being Black Adjacent (being close to or connected to someone Black), we invite members of the community who are married to, dating, or raising Black and Brown children to have a conversation about their experiences. This Campus Conversation panel asks the question, "How are you doing right now and how does being Black adjacent affect you".

Panelist include MaShawna Hamilton, Associate Professor/Associate Director OUS Nursing, OU Southern, Katrina Keith, Minister, Ironton, Ohio, and Paul McKenzie, Principal, Boyd County Central School

Date:  Video recorded November 18, 2020


For more information on this event please contact:   pleasanr@ohio.edu or 740.533.4600



*To request an ASL interpreter or other accommodation, to attend any of these events, please contact Dr. Teresa McKenzie at mckenzt1@ohio.edu or Robert Pleasant at pleasanr@ohio.edu no later than one week before the event.