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OHIO Ranks First in the State for AR & VR!

OHIO Ranks First in the State for AR & VR!
Immersive Technologies being used by students at OHIO.

It has been recently announced from the Animation Career Review that the ECT School’s ITS track in AR & VR is number one in Ohio!

According to the national rankings, OHIO lands at 36 for this year. There are only three universities from Ohio that land within the top 50, and OHIO is the highest of them all. Also, important to note, OHIO is #19 among public universities and #7 in the Midwest!

In the ECT Track in ITS, students will use and understand emerging technologies that are rapidly evolving the tech and gaming industries. Students are given an exhaustive opportunity to work in hands-on labs and network with professionals in the industry. In the track, students learn about the applications of VR/AR, design, management and regulation, as well as the way the industry is progressing outside of the realm of games, such as entertainment or healthcare.

We can thank the continued support of the professors and staff of the ECT School and GRID Lab for the continued success of the VR/AR track. The mix of hands-on experience, work with the community, extra-curricular opportunity, and renown staff is to thank for OHIO’s placement on Animation Career Review’s comprehensive listing.

The McClure School of Emerging Communication Technologies strives to offer the best academic programs in the IT (Information Technology)(opens in a new window)(opens in a new window), the game development and the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (opens in a new window)(opens in a new window)(VR/AR) industries. Our programs and certificates cover numerous aspects of the rapidly changing industries of information networking, cybersecurity, data privacy, game development(opens in a new window)(opens in a new window), digital animation and the academic side of esports.