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Thomas Lonsbury Memorial Scholarship Events Bring ECT School Together

Thomas Lonsbury Memorial Scholarship Events Bring ECT School Together
Attendees at the golfing tournament riding around in karts.

On September 17, 2021, faculty, students, and alumni came together at the OU Inn to celebrate the careers of Barbara Moran and Hans Kruse, as well as Thomas Lonsbury’s contribution to the ECT School.

The event, held on the patio of the OU Inn, took place during the evening for around four hours. During this time, there were drinks and dinner ate by attendees.

Both Hans Kruse and Barbara Moran retired during the midst of the pandemic in 2020. Because of this, there wasn’t an opportunity for an in-person sendoff; there were talks of hosting a virtual celebration, but it was decided to wait until having an in-person event was possible.

Various sponsors of the ECT School were present at the event, such as Nationwide, Progressive and Cisco. With their presence came alumni from their respective companies.

As the night progressed there were various speakers commemorating the legacy of both Moran and Kruse. Of those speakers were Ron Minto, Julio Aruaz and Nick Lathrop.

From third speaker Julio Arauz, there was an announcement that Schoonover 006 will be renamed to the Hans Kruse Laboratory.

Also recognized were scholarship recipients Jack Russo, Eliah George, and Mirage ‘a Lamb. Event coordinators such as Alanis Rupprecht and fellow grad students were recognized for their contribution to the event.

The following day on September 18, the ECT School hosted a golfing tournament for alumni to visit and connect with both students and professors.

After having to postpone this annual event along with retirement celebrations of beloved faculty and staff during the pandemic, ECT is glad to be back together again.


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