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Student Spotlight: OU MITS Graduate Augustine Sekyere Plans for a Career in Cloud Computing and 5G

Student Spotlight: OU MITS Graduate Augustine Sekyere Plans for a Career in Cloud Computing and 5G

Name - Augustine Sekyere

Major – Information and Telecommunication Systems.

Where are you from? Obuasi, Ghana, West Africa.

Where are you in your current studies? I am in my final semester of the Master of Information and Telecommunication Systems program (MITS).

What is your focus? My focus is on Networking and Telecommunications. Given that my prior experience is in wireless engineering, I feel getting to delve more into LAN (Local Area Network) infrastructure and other IT related areas like SDN (Software Defined Networks) and big data will help me expand my horizon.

What made you choose this program? A good blend of both theory and application. The curriculum is designed to give you the opportunity to practice most of the things you study.

What has been the most memorable experience here in our program? In general, it has been a great experience. Lecturers have been very helpful and supportive, the school’s strong bond with alumni helped me gain a summer internship, and BNIC (Bobcat Network Innovation Center) has been awesome. Student feedback is encouraged and worked upon.

How do you feel about the merging of the GRID Lab and the J. Warren McClure School? I think it is a step in the right direction because there is a growing market in the industry for integrating network connectivity to virtual reality. Allowing the students to engage with both the networking aspects and application aspects of technology will be very good for their future careers.

What do you want to do after school? I would love to work in cloud computing or 5G wireless deployments. I believe the two are the future and getting to work in either of them will make me valuable to my home country and Africa when they start to catch up with these two technologies.

Any advice for future students? ITS is a very good program and is consistently evolving to equip students for the job market and future grad studies. Make the best of your lab experiences and BNIC.

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