Conferences & Events

Kiplinger conference

National and regional journalism groups turn to Kiplinger Program staff to provide compelling presentations and hands-on training at conferences. Typically, Kiplinger Program trainers speak at six to eight conventions each year. The Kiplinger Program taps into the convention circuit to take its training to journalists across the country and internationally.

Due to the coronavirus, Kiplinger training is temporarily halted. 

Past Training and Events

Below is a list of previous conferences, regional workshops and other training events that the Kiplinger Program has made presentations at in recent years.


Ohio High School Journalism Workshop, Ohio University, (virtual) July 2020



The Ethics of Reporting Suicides, Feb. 15, 2019, Athens, OH

Teleconference workshop on press freedom, Ethiopia, April 2019

Kiplinger Fellowship, April 7-12, 2019, Athens, OH

Fake News and Disinformation Workshops, Valletta, Malta, April 24-May 3, 2019

Enviromental Reporting, Science and Policy Making, May 8-16, 2019, Leipzig, Germany

Digital Media and Investigations, June 7, 2019, Columbus, OH

Active Shooter Training for Newsrooms, June 19, 2019, Cleveland, OH

Active Shooter Training for Newsrooms, June 18, 2019, Columbus, OH

Active Shooter Training for Newsrooms, June 13, 2019, Cincinnati, OH

Ohio High School Journalism Workshop, July 13, 2019, Athens, OH.



Kiplinger Fellowship, Ohio University, April 2018

Ohio High School Journalism Workshop, Athens, Ohio, July 2018

Excellence in Journalism Convention, Baltimore. Md., Sept. 27-30, 2018

Media and Law Conference, Ohio State Bar Association, Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 22, 2018

IRE Project Watchdog, Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 27-28, 2018

Google Initiative, Elections Workshop, Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 1, 2018



Data Journalism Teleconference, Zambia/Columbus, Ohio, March 2017

SPJ Regional Conference, Manhattan, Kansas, April 2017

Kiplinger Fellowship, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, April 2017

Digital Media Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa, May 2017

Ohio High School Journalism Workshop, Athens, Ohio, June 2017

Data Journalism Data Teleconference, Lusaka, Zambia/Columbus, Ohio, June 2017

Media and Law Conference, Ohio State Bar Association, Columbus, Ohio, October  2017

Workshop on media ethics, Chisinau, Moldova, November, 2017

New Train, APME, Ohio University and IRE, Columbus, Ohio, Octopber 2017



Ohio Newspaper Association, Columbus, Ohio, February 2016

2016 CAR Conference, Denver, Colorado, February 2016

Kiplinger Fellowship, Columbus, Ohio, March 2016

Scripps School of Journalism class, Athens, Ohio, March 2016

Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) national conference, New Orleans, April 2016

SPJ JournCamp, New Orleans, April 2016

Workshop on ethics of grief, Jamacia, June, 2016

Ohio High School Journalism Workshop, Athens, Ohio, June 2016

SPJ JournCamp, Denver, Colorado, July 2016

Excellence in Journalism Convention, New Orleans, September 2016

Data Journalism Teleconference, Zambia/Columbus, Ohio, September 2016



Computer-Assisted Reporting Conference, Atlanta, Ga., February 2015

Society of Professional Journalists, Athens, Ohio, March 2015

New York Press Association Conference, Saratoga Springs, March 2015

IRE, Philadelphia, Pa. April 2015

Workshop on media ethics, Lahore, Pakistan, May, 2015

Storytelling with Data, Boston, Mass., June 2015

SPJ JournCamp, New York City, June 2015

AEJMC, San Francisco, Calif., June 2015

Excellence in Journalism, Orlando, Florida, August 2015

TMS Family Travel Conference, Kansas City, Missouri, September 2015

Online News Association, Los Angeles, California, September 2015

IRE Watchdog Workshop, Seattle, Washington, October 2015

Rockit Digital Communication Summit, Chisinau, Moldova, November 2015



SPJ JournCamp, San Diego, Calif., April 2014

Society of Professional Journalists, Columbus, Ohio, April 2014

IRE, San Francisco, Calif., May 2014

Workshop on media ethics, Sierra Leonne, June, 2014

American Agriculture Editors Association, Indianapolis, June 2014

NAHJ. San Antonio, Texas, July 2014

Excellence in Journalism (SPJ/RTDNA), Nashville, Tenn., August 2014

National Association of Science Writers, Columbus, Ohio, September 2014

SPJ JournCamp, Miami, Fla., October 2014

Ohio Newspaper Association, Columbus, Ohio, November 201



National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Miami, Fla., March 2013

IRE, Louisville, Ky., March 2013

IRE, San Antonio, Texas, April 2013

National Association of Black Journalists, Orlando, Fla.. June 2013

AEJMC (Journalism Educators), Washington, D.C., July 2013

Excellence in Journalism (SPJ/RTDNA/NAHJ), Anaheim, Calif., August 2013

SPJ, Boston, Mass., September 2013



IRE, Boston, Mass., February 2012

IRE, Salt Lake City, Utah, June 201



Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), Toronto, June 2011

NICAR (Computer-Assisted Reporting),  (St. Louis, Mo., November 2011