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New Tools to Equip Journalists Worldwide

As more people get information from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other nontraditional sources, newsrooms need journalists who can tell compelling stories using the latest technology and tactics.

Staying Relevant in the Changing World of Media

Technical innovation and market instability are changing the game for modern journalists. That’s why the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism at Ohio University teaches new digital tools and approaches, to keep journalists relevant in a changing media world.

Our intensive, hands-on training teaches social media, video, spreadsheets and digital reporting tools. During the past year, the Kiplinger Program has trained more than 4,000 journalists – on campus and across the country – in the past six years.

What we offer:

All programs are funded through the generous support of the Kiplinger Foundation, in partnership with Ohio University.


Practical, useful and timely training. Journalists who have experienced Kiplinger Program training speak out about its impact. Check out The Buzz: Top 12 comments about Kiplinger Program training.

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History & Background

With roots reaching back to 1912, our history starts with W. M. “Kip” Kiplinger — one of the first two journalism graduates at Ohio State University. The Kiplinger Program was created in 1972 to memorialize his innovation and contribution to journalism.

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Kevin Z. Smith directs the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism in its 44th year.

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Learn more about the year-round programs and initiatives offered by the Kiplinger Program, as well as other ways you can partner in our mission.

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