Who is eligible to apply?

If you are a print, broadcast or online journalist with five or more years of experience (here or abroad), you are eligible to become a Kiplinger Fellow. 

I’m a former Kiplinger Fellow. Can I apply?

If you participated in the Kiplinger Fellowship program prior to 2019 (when it changed its focus from social media and digital tools), you may apply.

Does freelance assignments count toward the required five years of professional experience?

Freelance work for established media organizations can definitely be applied to the years of work requirement.

What costs are covered?

All of the workshop sessions are provided at no charge. In addition, we provide lodging and provide several meals. Limited travel stipends are available to international fellows. U.S. Fellows will be asked to pay their transportation to and from Ohio.

What if I have at least five years of journalism experience, but am not currently working as a journalist?

You are still eligible to apply for the fellowship. However, please know that we give weight to applicants who are currently employed as journalists and can apply what they learn in the fellowship to their work.

Will the fellowship be conducted in English?

Yes, so applicants need to have a command of spoken and written English to benefit from the fellowship. We will not have translators.

Does my application (including work samples) need to be in English?

Yes. Your three work samples must be in English as well. If your work as a journalist requires that you write in another language other than English, you must provide originals and English translations.

Are international journalists eligible for the program?

Yes. Please know that all sessions of the fellowship program will be conducted in English, and application materials must be in English.

Can I weigh in on the kind of sessions I’d like to see offered?

By all means. We want to design a fellowship that best fits your needs. The online application includes an area for you to specify what you’d like to learn.

If I’m accepted, what happens next?

You will receive additional information in January about the Kiplinger Fellowship with more details about logistics.

My editor and others in our newsroom are interested in social media training. Do you offer shorter training sessions?

Yes. We offer customized training sessions to meet the needs of individual newsrooms. We’ll even bring the training program to your newsroom. For more training information on customized training programs, please contact Kevin Smith, executive director, at smithk7@ohio.edu or call (740) 566-0144.

What are the requirements to attend a Kiplinger Program workshop?

Workshops such as the Kiplinger’s Social Media Summits are open to journalists and communications professionals. No application is needed but seats are limited. Kip workshops typically sell out, so we encourage you to register early.

What is the cost of a Kiplinger Program workshop?

Costs vary by program. Thanks to generous sponsorship by the Kiplinger Foundation, registration costs are surprisingly affordable.

I notice that the Kiplinger Program sometimes collaborates with other journalism organizations on workshops. Would you consider working with my organization or university on a workshop?

Absolutely. We love to work with others to provide high-caliber training for journalists, students and educators. Please contact Kevin Smith, executive director, to discuss the possibilities: smithk7@ohio.edu or (740) 566-0144

Custom training is available for your newsrooms.
Can I arrange for a Kiplinger Program trainer to come to my newsroom or university?

Yes, we offer customized training on topics including social media, ethics, data journalism, public records and much more. We can offer workshops in everything from investigative reporting and data journalism to media ethics and social media sleuthing. Our list of experts is vast and we can call on people from around the globe to bring you the best training available. 

How much does Kip customized training cost?

Organizations that hire us pay a daily training fee plus all travel expenses. For an up-to-date quote, please contact Kevin Smith, executive director at smithk7@ohio.edu or call (740) 566-0144.

Who has hired Kiplinger Program trainers in the past?

Our clients include ABC News in New York, the Columbus Dispatch, Gannett Corp., The Miami Herald, The Tennessean (Nashville) and the Knight-Wallace Fellowship at the University of Michigan.