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Recent Building Renovations – North Green

31 S. Court St.

This building, formerly the Woolworth’s store on South Court Street, was renovated after the store moved. The University leases space in the building and is planning roof repairs in the near future.

31 S. Court St. during renovations in the previous Woolworths location

31 S. Court St. - 2012

31 S. Court St.

31 S. Court St. - 2013

Jennings House

Jennings House, home of the College of Fine Arts, was originally built in 1854 and for a time served as a private residence, presidential residence, and fraternity house. A facelift in 2018 included roofing, lead-based paint abatement, and painting, among other repairs.

Historic Jennings House gets a facelift

Jennings House in 2013

Jennings House - 2013

Jennings House in 2013

Jennings House - 2013

Jennings House in 2021

Jennings House - 2021

Patton Hall (formerly McCracken Hall)

Patton Hall, long known as McCracken Hall until it was renamed in 2021, underwent a significant renovation that completed in 2016. The $32.8 million project, made possible in part through OHIO alumna Violet L. Patton’s generous donation to the Patton College of Education in 2010, increased the building’s square footage from 66,000 to 100,500 by converting the fourth-floor attic to usable space and adding a four-story addition.

OHIO’s Architecture, Design and Construction office receives accolade for McCracken Hall expansion

Patton Hall in 2007

McCracken Hall - 2007

Patton Hall in 2019

Patton Hall - 2017

Patton Hall in 2017

Patton Hall - 2017

Patton Hall in 2017

Patton Hall - 2017

Patton Hall in 2017

Patton Hall - 2017

Pilcher House

Built in the 1800s as a private residence, Pilcher House was home to a variety of offices, including The Post and the Athena Yearbook. It was preserved until it was resold.

Ohio University Board of Trustees discusses Park Place Corridor, FY19 budget, planning updates

Pilcher House in 2006

Pilcher House - 2006

Pilcher House in 2021

Pilcher House - 2021

Schoonover Center (formerly Baker University Center)

Schoonover, home to the five schools within the Scripps College of Communication, originally served a very different purpose. Originally built in 1953, it was known as Baker University Center until that name and function switched to the current Baker University Center at the end of South Court Street in 2006. The building was renovated to LEED standards in 2013.

Long-awaited old Baker-RTV makeover finally underway

Farewell to Scripps is April 26, 2013

VisCom students excited to learn how to utilize new cyclorama wall

Schoonover Auditorium offers the technology and space for a variety of events

Schoonover Green Roof installation completed

Baker Center in 2006

Baker University Center - 2006

Baker Center in 2003

Baker University Center - 2003

Schoonover in 2015

Schoonover Center - 2015

Schoonover in 2020

Schoonover Center - 2020

Trisolini House

Trisolini House was purchased by OHIO in 1927 and originally used as a presidential home. It later housed an art gallery and is now home to Culinary Services offices after a renovation in 2020.

Board approves budget for Trisolini House renovations

Yamada International House (Previously Burson House)

Yamada International House is home to the Center for International Studies. Built as a family residence in 1920, it was acquired by the University in 1969, when it was known as Burson House. It was renovated and renamed in 2003.

Trisolini House in 2006

Trisolini House - 2006

Yamada House - 2003

Yamada House - 2003

Yamada House ribbon cutting 2002

Yamada House ribbon cutting in 2002