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Plagiarism Detection Tool Evaluation Project

About the Project

A teaching and learning technology evaluation project (Request for Proposal) is launching to review the needs of our academic programs, faculty, and students for plagiarism detection. The University has been leveraging Turnitin as its primary plagiarism detection tool and Blackboard also offered SafeAssign as a solution. With OHIO’s move to Canvas, the changing needs of our academic programs, and the changing marketplace, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) is launching an evaluation project to understand what technology or technologies are best suited to support OHIO’s goals in the future. 

Get Involved

Faculty and students have the opportunity to share their feedback, needs, and ideas with OIT via a Qualtrics survey.

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Key Dates

Survey Opens5/20/2024
Survey Closes6/3/2024
Request For Proposal (RFP) Committee Established6/7/2024
Document Requirements, Draft RFP Created and Shared with Committee for Review7/29/2024 – 8/9/2024
RFP Bid Period8/16/2024 – 9/9/2024
Review of Respondents with Committee9/9/2024 – 9/20/2024
Vendor Interviews with Committee10/1/2024 – 10/18/2024
Recommendations for RFP Vendor Award Due11/15/2024
Turnitin Contract Expiration Date6/30/2025

Teaching and Learning Advisory Community

To learn more about this project, share your feedback, or ask questions, consider joining the Teaching and Learning Advisory Community. These sessions will collect your questions and concerns, share our timelines, and provide information whenever possible.