Ohio University

Digital Accessibility is for everyone

May 21 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. OIT would like to remind everyone that information technology can be one of the great equalizing forces in our society, helping to lower barriers and bring access to a broad spectrum of individuals. A well-designed, accessible web site, application, or digital tool doesn’t just benefit those with disabilities. It benefits all visitors by presenting information clearly, simply, and inclusively.

OIT is committed to fostering digital accessibility at Ohio University. We do this by publishing guidelines and policies that help ensure websites and applications, documents, and videos are accessible. We also strive to lead by example. Currently we are putting the finishing touches on a project to publish accessibility resources for every tool in our service catalog. We expect to have this project complete in the coming weeks.

Get involved: Join the DAN

If you would like to make a personal contribution to helping OHIO meet accessibility goals, consider joining the Digital Accessibility Network (DAN). The DAN is great way to learn more about digital accessibility, network with like-minded individuals, and identify concrete ways to improve inclusiveness in your own department or area. For questions about the DAN or digital accessibility in general, contact Jill Bateman or Haley Billett.