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OhioLINK & Intercampus Delivery Services Resume by May 1

We’re thrilled to announce that OhioLINK delivery services will resume by May 1.  Ohio University faculty, staff, and students will be able to request materials from our OhioLINK partners via the OhioLINK Central Catalog.  Users will also be able to request materials from other Ohio University campuses via the ALICE Catalog.

OhioLINK transitioned to a different courier service in April because of unsatisfactory service from the previous courier, resulting in a 6-week pause in the state’s lending services.  We recognize how this transition disrupted our researchers’ ability to request materials, and we appreciate our community’s understanding during this challenging season.  

George Cheripko, coordinator at Alden Library, observed, “May 1 marks the 27thanniversary of the OhioLINK lending program.  I’m excited to return to our historically great service to our customers.”