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OHIO Study Spaces

Choosing the right place to study and complete your academic work is important. If you need to do concentrated deep reading, you probably need a quiet and distraction-free space. When you need a place to rehearse your group presentation, you have other requirements. Sometimes it is inspiring to be around others working hard on their academics. Being in the right place for your needs impacts your productivity.

Study spaces are available throughout OHIO's campuses and offer a variety of environments to meet your needs, including a variety of furniture, hours of availability, reservation options, and more.

OHIO’s new Study Space Locator is a mapping tool that helps you locate both indoor and outdoor study spaces on the Athens Campus. Use the data associated with each location to learn more about the spaces, including hours, reservation availability, and amenities such as technology, whiteboards, and power.

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Use the OHIO
Study Space Locator 

The Study Space Locator currently only includes spaces available to all OHIO students on the Athens campus. Additional information and space will be added in future updates. Grade the Study Space Locator and let us know how we can make it better by completing the Study Space Locator Feedback Form.