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Notable News from University Libraries

Mimi Calhoun
July 12, 2022
Sarah Solecki
Photo by Ben Siegel/University Communications and Marketing

Ohio University Libraries is happy to welcome Sarah Solecki as its new Administrative Specialist. 

Solecki is an OHIO alumna, having graduated with a degree in sociology and also having worked with the Libraries during her undergrad. She always knew that she wanted to work in a library, but her experience at the Music and Dance Library led to her wanting to continue working in that environment.

“That [working at the Music and Dance Library] was really [an] incredible experience, and I really loved that job. More than really anything else,” Solecki said. “But that really led me to feeling like library work would be the right move for me.”

Katy Mathuews, the senior director of Administration, explained in a staff email announcement that Solecki would be participating in many aspects of the Libraries as her position of administrative specialist.

“Sarah will be working the opening shift at the service desk as well as supporting student employment, general [Human Resources] HR, facilities workflows and revising staff demographic data-gathering to inform surveys that examine diversity and equity in the library profession,” Mathuews said.

In her new role, Sarah has also assisted with implementing new support mechanisms for student supervisors during the hiring process and tracking student employment budgets. 

With Solecki’s position being a new full time one, she explained that she’s happy and thankful to be in it and have the support of the Libraries as well.

“I feel very privileged and lucky to be in this position,” Solecki said. “I know the Libraries’ Executive Committee worked really hard to make this position, a full-time position, and I’m really grateful for that. And I just feel really happy to be here. I feel very welcomed.”